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  1. Lakes
    Five of us ventured over to the Methow Valley to fish a few lakes for the last time this year. All are contributors to the WFF site. Fishing was fishing at some lakes and catching at others. There were some recent plant and some very nice bigger fish, 18-20". We ended up at five different...
  2. General Forum
    I just spent 3 days on the Methow and Twisp rivers. We caught some nice fat little rainbows on the Twisp but did not get much action on the Methow. We hooked a lot of little shakers but nothing much to speak of. We covered from Weeman bridge to almost the town of Methow. We were wading so...
  3. General Forum
    went to the Methow today knowing it was a crapshoot at 3200 cfs. Ran into a guy who lost his dad in the river 3 days ago. They were still looking for his body and were about to launch a drone to search the river. Can't imagine what that's like. Sounds like the body is below McFarland Creek...
  4. General Forum
    Caught a bunch of these on the Methow this weekend. The closer to the Columbia river, the fewer trout and eventually I was only catching these. I cant seem to find out what they are anywhere. They don't seem to have teeth, or much teeth, they have scales, but the upper portion of the fish feels...
  5. Conservation
    There was a thread about this mine proposal awhile back, but I didn't see the new Methow Headwaters video shared. Check it out if you haven't already, and then take action at: https://www.methowheadwaters.org/take-action/ Methow Headwaters, the Wilderness Society and Conservation Northwest...
  6. General Forum
    From the Washington Trails Association newsletter: Following incredible community support in 2016, Methow Valley is within reach of a victory for long-term protection against mining for the region's recreation lands. On December 30, Department of the Interior began a two-year planning period...
  7. General Forum
    Like everyone else, my GF and my time seem to fill up 6 months in advance so I found it best to try and plan out fishing (water depending) for the spring/summer in the winter time, when my hands are tired of tying and I sit at my work desk thinking of nothing other then wetting a fly! But not...
  8. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Let me know the brand/model and where you lost it and I'll find a way to get it back to you
  9. General Forum
    I am going to be in Chelan this weekend and I am hoping to get away to fish the Methow around Burma road. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  10. Sols pad

  11. Randy's pad

1-14 of 14 Results