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  1. Classifieds
    Sold - Thank You. These 106 gorgeous (See Photos) Streamer Flies were all personally tied by renowned streamer fly tier and fly fisher Mike Schmidt, Owner of Anglers Choice Flies. For background information on Mike, simply Google "Mike Schmidt Streamer Flies". When I lived in Northern...
  2. Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels
    One of my customers has had a change in his health that will essentially end his fishing adventures. He reached out to me to let me know he was going to sell the custom rod I made for him in late 2016. The rod is a Para 14, 7'9" 5wt. The rod is flamed with a grip made of 1/4" rings. The rod...
  3. General Forum
    This guy can be damn funny! Leland.
  4. Classifieds
    A beautiful original water color by famed outdoor painter Mike Stidham: • Frame-30 (w) x 23 (h) inches • Original • Signed • $499 plus $25 shipping • Mike's originals in this size cost up to $1,000. •
  5. Did someone ask for a Hero Shot?

    SHEEEEOOOOOOOT! Sorry Mike but I can't throw out all the dope pics all at once!
  6. Doughty Ropin a hawg.

    I almost got skunked but Mike was on Fire! Wait till you see the Cuttie that snarflled a tiny dry.
  7. Chronomid pattern with black unithread and silver rib

    March, 2007: 1st batch of Chronomid patterns tied for Pass Lake. Please feel free to critique.
  8. Master Cater

    Mike Kinney is demonstrating his art.
  9. Total Relaxation

    Mike Kinney enjoying an adult beverage.
  10. Sunday Spey Casting with Mike Kinney

    The Spey lineup Sunday AM at Ben Howard. Jeff is learning Spey basics with Mike Kinney.
1-12 of 13 Results