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  1. General Forum
    I just wanted to share this with all you WFF’ers who care about the Pebble Mine project. My wife’s company is projecting this visual in Seattle at 5th and Lenora. Cheers!
  2. Conservation
    If you care about this, please sign (again) and send... It's easy. https://www.tu.org/action-center?vvsrc=%2fPetitions%2f1254%2fRespond%3fvvsn%3dB1RWUAchAEmTAAuPw6R7FAA
  3. General Forum
    This son of a beeeech has more lives than 10 cats.... With that being said, Spokane Falls TU and a bunch of other groups are hosting a respectful protest of John Shively's speech to a mining group next tuesday the 17th at 530pm in downtown Spokane If you're around, we'd love to have you there...
  4. Conservation
    "This year, 56 million sockeye salmon swam hundreds of miles from the ocean toward the rivers and streams of the Bristol Bay watershed in southwest Alaska. Many that escaped fishermen and bears leapt over waterfalls and used a mysterious combination of the Earth's magnetic field and their own...
  5. General Forum
    So the EPA is now apparently working with the foreign Pebble Partnership to try and allow this mine to move forward. Fortunately, they opened up public comments. Please take 2 minutes and fill out this short form that will automatically voice your opposition to this mine...
  6. General Forum
    WAFF does not have casting forum so I am posting it here..Perhaps it is not very stupid idea. Shipping line is about 3 bucks only! My first post would be: Mine RIO GOLD WF6F (orange) for yours RIO GOLD TOURNAMENT 5 -or 6.
  7. Conservation
    There was a thread about this mine proposal awhile back, but I didn't see the new Methow Headwaters video shared. Check it out if you haven't already, and then take action at: https://www.methowheadwaters.org/take-action/ Methow Headwaters, the Wilderness Society and Conservation Northwest...
  8. Conservation
    It looks like the Pebble Mine idea is floating around again since the parent company thinks with a new EPA direction, they just might get it approved. However, the last article I read (yesterday) claimed that most-if not all-the major backers had dropped out of funding it, and the Canadian...
  9. Conservation
1-10 of 11 Results