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  1. Trip Reports
    My son and I took our first ever trip to Craig MT to fish the Missouri River. It lived up to its reputation of having large numbers of large fish. I hope to get back there again, it was amazing. We splurged by our standards by staying and fishing with Missouri River Lodge located just a...
  2. General Forum
    Anyone ever float the Missouri River near Craig, Montana? Any recommendations?
  3. General Forum
    For those planning to fish the Missouri before the run-off, as we are this week, here's some interesting information about the expected water flows, as well as some e-shocking count results, for the 2017 season. Hoping the cooler than normal temps and overcast/rain brings the BWO's out in big...
  4. General Forum
    Hey there, I thought someone might know of a good place to camp near Craig, MT for a trout trip. I would need running water and showers. TIA
  5. General Forum
    Hi gang I've been reading a bunch of stuff on facebook about the native Americans protesting a oil pipe line along the Missouri river in N. Dakota If I could figure out how to post a link from facebook to here I would, but alas I'm a bit of a cave man and if I can't get it done with rocks and...
  6. Storm on the Missouri

    Great shot from a trip I took last year on the Missouri.
  7. Missouri River Sunset

    Sunset over the Missouri River, Montana near Craig
1-14 of 14 Results