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  1. General Forum
    I was perusing my local (Chicagoland) Craig's list and found the ad below. This guy has some serious spey rods to sell. I did a little research and found that Bruce and Walker, one of whose rods is listed, is sort of the Meiser of English Spey rods - they'll even roll a blank to suit your...
  2. General Forum
    Both were caught in the Oak Orchard River Ny with fly rods
  3. Lakes
    Fished pass today,pretty slow. Three 12" bows to the net using everything.So I decided to call it a day, put a bugger on and started trolling to the launch not expecting much, but when I entered the bay my rod tip dipped and i had another on. Not much of a fight so I figured another small...
  4. Saltwater
    From Sage's Instagram....
  5. Piggy to end all piggys

    Sight fishing, 29.5" small water sight fishing in September. Alaska. Caught 5 like this in an hour out of one hole. No need to fly out to catch fish like this - just need to know what you're doing (when, where, how). It's not just the impressive length but the girth on this thing. I'm a
1-6 of 6 Results