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  1. Saltwater
    Hey all... my nephew was just stationed in Bangor Washington. He’s dying to get out fishing, but doesn’t fly fish (yet).... can anyone give me some advise or places he can go on his off time for some salmon or something? Thanks a ton
  2. General Fly Fishing Discussions
    Finishing up a project drift boat soon and need to make a decision about the rowers seat. Would love to hear some feedback on both types. Some pertinent details, I had a major back surgery 20 years ago so it is important for me to have my knees level with my waist or below for all day...
  3. Member Classifieds
    Hi folks. Thinking of selling my cabin on the Yakima River in Cle Elum. My family doesn't enjoy it as much as I do so it has been used primarily as a fishing cabin for me... During the summer I use it nearly every weekend. I am the second owner. Here are the details along with a few...
  4. Member Classifieds
    I have a TFO Deer creek 11 ft 7 weight switch in great shape for sale Asking $225 Shipped to the lower 48. Comes with the TFO sock and tube, of course. I also have a (460 grain I think) Beulah Tonic Skagit head. $25 bucks shipped I Also have a rio switch chucker. Also like new. $30 bucks...
  5. General Fly Fishing Discussions
    Well, it was time. Had to say goodbye to my buddy this morning. The buddy that every afternoon would get up on the couch, put his paws up on the back so he could watch out the window and wait for me to get home. Odie the Vizsla was an awesome companion, hunting dog and family member. He was...
  6. Camping, Hiking, Cooking
    Hey everyone! Ive owned my camper for the last couple years and have had some amazing adventures in it with my family. On the day after this past Christmas I was devastated when I found a massive leak had compromised the roof and interior of the camper. I had always wanted to do a partial...
  7. Member Classifieds
    Looking to trade one of my faster action 5 wt fly rods for a more moderate action 5 wt. Not for sell and the only acceptable trades are listed as: Scott G or Sage Mod, GLoomis NRX LP 5 Weights
  8. Fly Tying
    My first two tries at fly tying... any suggestions on how to make a start bettering my technique? The olive started as a wooly bugger and then I misjudged the marabou and the pink is just me messing around-on that one I know that I should have cut the Maribou farther up so it would be bushier
  9. Arts and Literature
    I compose and record music for film and TV. They're typically 1-2min long, no lyrics, and are intended to emote a vibe or certain mood. Finding titles is a challenge. One day my daughter said you should name them after flies. So I give you: Copper John and Green Butt Skunk...
  10. General Fly Fishing Discussions
    I smoke a lot & was guilty of throwing my butts in the water cos' that's what everyone else was doing! Used to fish a fishery far up river a lot in the summers for stocked rainbows & chub, chub even take the dryfly & the takes are slow motion! Anyway one day at the carpark i noticed a insane...
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  11. General Fly Fishing Discussions
    Ale tonight..... Which one? :D
  12. Fly Tying
    These are the flies i tied for a comp on my local forum, theme was emergers! It went to a people's choice, still this weekend but i won't win so i'm sharing them already! Competition was tuff, hell of a lot of top shelf tiers in Finland! Was my 2nd online comp & looking forward to the next one...
  13. Saltwater
    Only had a little time to fish this morning. Got out early to a new spot and caught three! Was out before the next guy got to the water. Super stoked! What a cool fish these guys are. Man. I love swinging flies but catching fish is really fun. This I will do again.
  14. Fly Tying
    I've been tying up some baitfish patterns using Hareline Dubbin's Ice Dub UV dubbing material. I got to thinking, "How do I know that this dubbing material really reflects UV light and how much?" Since we humans can't see UV light, for the most part, we can't just look at the dubbing material...
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  15. Member Classifieds
    I have a 6 weight, 10'6" Redington CPX Switch, and I'm looking to figure out what lines I like best on it. At full retail that's a challenge. I've got a 350 grain Skagit and a WF-8-F. A Scandi, Switch line or something like a Rio Chucker would be great if the price is right.
  16. General Fly Fishing Discussions
    Trên thị trường hiện nay, các sản phẩm kẻ chân mày bán tràn lan dưới dạng chì kẻ mày, gel kẻ chân mày, bột tán mày… Mỗi loại có ưu nhược điểm riêng. Bài viết sau đây của chúng tôi sẽ giúp bạn hiểu rõ hơn về gel kẻ chân mày để từ đó có sự lựa chon phù hợp dành cho mình. Sản phẩm kẻ mày nào phù...
  17. Saltwater
    Was out with @TroutHustle yesterday and I caught my first oyster (?!). At first, I thought it was just a foul-hook as the area was fairly shallow, but when I grabbed it I couldn't get the hook out of its mouth. It took a lot of work and I thought I was going to bend the hook. Finally worked the...
  18. Watercraft
    I have been contemplating getting an inflatable for river fishing for some time now. I used to have a drift boat but sold it ( what a mistake that was! ) and i'm missing the versatility and the ability to cover water and getaway from the crowds that a boat provides. Looking for something that i...
1-18 of 119 Results