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  1. General Forum
    Has anybody been out on Welcome Lake this past year? I haven't fished it for two years, and would like to get back out onto the lake when it opens. Caught lots of small bass , but one of my friends said that a neighbor had stocked it with a 1000 rainbow fingerlings back in 2014-2015 and was...
  2. Gear/Technique
    I'd like to get some lessons in spey casting. I don't own any equipment, yet, because I want to try out casting to see if it's something I wish to pursue and invest in. I live between Spanaway and Graham, and work near DuPont, so I'm open to anyone in South Pierce or North Thurston Counties...
  3. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Noticed someone selling a Fly Rod and Fly reel that was found in the Logan Utah area...Anyone loose one off a boat or leave it on a shore..... Contact me I have Information on it Mike Sr
  4. General Forum
    Anyone ever float the Missouri River near Craig, Montana? Any recommendations?
  5. Classifieds
    Classic Lamson LP4 in near mint condition. Missing back logo plate. $95 shipped to any US address. PM for photos. Now that photobucket is charging $399/year for third party posting I am only able to send photo attachments via email. Unless someone could show me another way.
  6. General Forum
    Hey guys I live up in Spokane and am headed to Yakima for a few days. Any pointers on points of access for wade fishing the Yak? If you have any other suggestions for wadeable rivers in the Yakima area I'm open. Thanks for the help.
  7. Saltwater
    Hi, I am super new to Seattle and hoping that I can experience pink salmon on a fly rod this year (I live right near Elliot Bay). I hear they should be arriving soon! I am planning to find a local shop today or tomorrow to buy a license and get some more info, but wondering if any members...
  8. General Forum
    What's a good fly shop/outfitters near Anacortes? Looking to get some advice from a good shop out there. Thanks
  9. General Forum
    I'm taking the family up to camp near Rainier to check out the park at the end of July. We're camping in Big Creek site on the south side of the park. I see the Nisqually is right there. Any decent options for trout near by? Or anything else? I won't have a lot of time to fish but should be able...
  10. Classifieds
    I have a Lamson LP 4 that looks to be in unused condition minus that logo brass plate on back of reel body. Capacity is WF10 plus 250 yards of backing. $95 PM for photos it is a lot easier to forward via email than to post up with my current technology and internet access.
  11. General Forum
    Need someone to do a walk around on a camp trailer I am considering purchasing sight unseen. I will paypal you $100 for your time if you meet the current owner and have him show you that the utilities work before I make my trip over. If you can make this happen Wednesday, June 14th that would be...
  12. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Lost....4 pc Redington with Orvis Clear Water Classic III in a black SA case. Lost at the Cooper Lake bridge or along the Cooper Lake trail back to Salmon La Sac on Monday May 29th. My name and address is on a tag o the case. My first and Favorite rig. Dan
  13. Saltwater
    I'll be up there staring in August and staying at least to the end of the year and would like to know if people fish for SRC in this area and during which months. After searching the web it seems like September and October and I did see Ala Spit (Whidby island) mentioned but information...
  14. General Forum
    Going to Salt Lake City, UT in mid June for son's freshman orientation to become a Ute. Have a couple of days to fish the waters near SLC so looking for a guide.... Did some research and found the nearest river - Provo River might be the best choice for trout ? Middle or Lower Provo is...
  15. Watercraft
    Anyone know of a good welding shop that does raft frame fabrication or repair near Portland? I purchased a Streamtech raft a few years ago used, and the frame had some damage that has gotten worse and needs to be fixed. Thanks in advance! AJ
  16. Cast & Blast
    A friend of mine just purchased his first firearm and is looking for a range near Seattle. I'm not sure of the make or caliber, but I think it's a .30-06. I don't own any guns myself, so forgive the newbie question. My guess is some ranges don't allow larger caliber weapons and it would be nice...
  17. General Forum
    Hello. I have a cabin trip planned for Packwood, WA in a few weeks. I've never been up there or done any fishing in the area. I'm researching online and not finding a ton of useful info so I'm hoping maybe someone on the forum can enlighten me. Doesn't seem that steelhead run up that far on the...
  18. Classifieds
    440usd shipped. Now that I've found the perfect lines for my 2 other 7s this one can go to a new home. I've casted the rod twice. Comes with tube, sock and has never been registered ... No card however. Has one superficial scratch on one of the ferrules... Little piece of sand or something got...
  19. General Forum
    Hey there, I thought someone might know of a good place to camp near Craig, MT for a trout trip. I would need running water and showers. TIA
  20. Lakes
    Looking for suggestions on where to fish for Stillwater near Seattle. I have fished the obvious and less desirable places (greenlake, lake wa etc) with little luck. I have been fishing rivers my whole life and have never really given stillwater a chance so any suggestions would be greatly...
1-20 of 25 Results