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  1. General Forum
    THURSDAY: Free Films, Food Trucks & Fun at Half Lion Brewing! Join us for fun, films and new friends! Go on a visual journey while getting a dose of inspiration as the films go to exotic locales and celebrate adventurous women on the water. Bring a friend! All are welcome. Trout Unlimited is a...
  2. General Forum
    The Fly Fishing Strategies Fly Shop in The Dalles, will be hosting a pizza and a movie night this upcoming Saturday (11/18). The event starts at 4:00. Pizza will be served at 5:00. The movie starts at 6:00. Door prizes will be given away during intermission. Admission is $20. If interested in...
  3. General Forum
    We haven't really got out fishing much this summer. With our kids in their teens, it seems like something is always going on. We got out a couple weeks ago looking for caddis on the river below the house. Just fishing the downriver trail on foot, no boats. We had just attended Enlightened...
  4. General Forum
    somebody got caught up in the moment and wasted a perfectly good fishing cap
  5. Classifieds
    I'm selling our 2 tickets to the Sunday Night game December 4th @ 5:30pm. Tickets are section 113, row F so only 6 rows up from the field; the attached pic shows the view from the seats. Selling for $200 each. Face value is $135, going for $230-$250 on Craiglist right now. They are the...
  6. General Forum
    A few cool things happened tonight while fishing. First cool thing; an eagle was very persistent in trying to catch the ducks on the water. I watched it try a dozen or so times in a 5 minute span. Second cool thing; I caught the second biggest fish out of the lake for me so far. Third cool...
  7. General Forum
    Anybody get out night fishing lately or plan to in the next few days? Perfect time to do it. Warm weather, minimal wind, full moon! Not me. Just sitting here on the couch with 5 staples in my head and a concussion. Long story...not really but embarrassing none the less.
  8. General Forum
    A few nights ago my 6 year old son caught his first wild trout on a self tied fly. It has been quite a journey that started almost 3 years ago, first at trout farms to get him hooked on the tug, then in our backyard teaching him how to cast, and finally bringing him to creeks and small rivers...
  9. General Forum
    A great one died yesterday. There were only two books that challenged me in highschool. Elie's book, 'Night' was one which I read and re-read pages. Rest well, sir. dld
  10. General Forum
    I was in a sporting goods store yesterday and couldn't help but notice the 1000 of different plastic worms, minnows and crayfish patterns . Those things look so real. I can remember the good old days when I turn logs to look for red worms. Stayed up all night after a rain with a flashlight...
1-12 of 13 Results