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  1. General Forum
    Hey all, Just wanted to get some ideas/tips for prepping for a family trip next week. I'm debating bringing a travel spinning rod/reel (I would like to if possible) in addition to my fly rod/reel. I'm considering bringing at least two fly reels (Lamson Konic II 3.5 intermediate sink-tip line...
  2. Classifieds
    The jacket is blue and has been worn 8-12 times and is like new. It's just a little small for me. My moniker is Big Tuna for a reason. $110 shipped.
  3. Saltwater
    I found the mola mola thread very interesting. After viewing that video on the Sea-run Coastal Cutthroat trout face book page I scrolled down the various postings there. Found some of the new findings presented there were very interesting. For decades we all knew about the differences in...
  4. Anadromous
    I'm headed to the NFL Wed afternoon and all day Thursday. Still in pursuit of my 1st steelhead. If anyone is going to be in the area let me know, or feel free to pm me with any tips for the area. It will be my 1st time on the river. Would I be better off on the East fork?
  5. General Forum
    Head'n over fri for the wkend for a family deal.. any info on where I could possibly dip a fly for a few hrs?? small streams/lakes. just looking to get out for a bit to keep my sanity...3 days of family reunion stuff gets to a guy.. feel free to pm thanks for your time.. tight lines...
  6. North Fork Skykomish October

    Bigger sharpened version of earlier image.
  7. NF Skykomish October

    NF Skykomish October
  8. North Umpqua Summer Steelhead Fly Wallet

    North Umpqua Summer Steelhead Fly Wallet
21-39 of 41 Results