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  1. General Forum
    first post here. wondering if any one has tried northern sports fly line. thanks cris
  2. General Forum
    I love this Forum and joined it primarily to learn more about catching SRC so that I could apply it down at the southern end of their range in northern California and southern Oregon. We employ a slightly different approach as we fish estuaries and coastal lagoons rather than saltwater...
  3. General Forum
    I will have the opportunity to travel with my girlfriend to Montana, for several days. I will have some free time while she takes care of some business activities. Between Kalispell and Great Falls, is there any fly fishing for trout in streams? I have looked at some maps, etc., and am not sure...
  4. Entomology
    While I don't have a picture of what I assume was an adult Northern Caddis (seen on the surface of a Puget Sound Lowland lake and ginger colored as it worked its wings into shape), what I'm interested in is the color of the pupa form. I've been snooping all kinds of books and across the...
  5. Cast & Blast
    Spent Friday afternoon helping out a guy bring out a deer. My soon to be 73 year old Dad hunted all 15 days of firearms season without decent shot at any of the few legal bucks sighted. Then, never missing a beat, continued the chase with black powder.. which opened day after regular firearms...
  6. General Forum
    Any fly recommendations or other pike trivia that you have stumbled upon? I know that it's a bad question to post on a Washington based fishing site, but some of you guys have been around. I'm visiting the grandparents in a few weeks. We'll be staying at their cabin on a lake that holds...
  7. Northern Pikeminnow

    Nice long-arm job here, but it's just a pikeminnow caught in a gillnet from Noxon Reservoir, MT.
1-10 of 10 Results