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    I'm looking for a Norvise automatic bobbin and a spool or two. If someone has an extra set they'd like to sell, please let me know. thank you Daniel
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    Downsized our home so I need to get rid of some things. I'll make do with my traveler vise. Includes: Norvise Large jaws Small level jaws (old style) Tube fly attachment Dubbing brush table Mounting board Magnifier (needs plug - but magnifier works fine) 2 newer bobbins, 3 old style bobbins 12...
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    Up for sale is the ultimate Norvise setup which includes the standard Norvise with the small straight jaws, bobbin holder, the automatic bobbin kit, upgraded fine point jaws and an additional automatic Ekich automatic bobbin. If you have not heard about the Ekich bobbin before you can research...
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    Norvises bought from an estate. All items in photo. 2 vises, thread post, 5 jaw sets, dubbing brush table, 4 bobbins, 13 xtra spools, bobbin spool arbor, holder for tube fly system (no parts except shown). Great vise, I just don't like using it. I'm not interested is piecing it out. $650.00...
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    Hello, I recently purchased a norvise and, although it's wonderful, it's not for me. I'm still tying on my other vise. The vise is the silver arbor version and comes. I've recently purchased the new large jaws for it as well. The vise comes with vise, bobbin rest, bobbin, 7 (I think) extra...
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    I don't need any spools just a bobbin. If you have one you are not using let me know. Thanks!
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    First generation Norvise, well used, works fine, comes with Norvise auto bobbin with 4 spools and Norvise tube head attachments. Currently offering the vise and fly table together locally (Devils Lake, Oregon coast), if no action will separate, sell the Norvise for $150 shipped west coast...
  8. Fly Tying
    I'm considering an upgrade to my vice, and had looled into the Norvise a while back. It's a little cheaper than the barracuda, which is my second choice right now. The Norvise seems to offer a wider range of accessories (jaws, gallows, etc). To those of you who own one, what do you think about it?
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    I've got a Norvise complete set up with factory mounting board, lamp/magnifier, dubbing twister board, 2 auto bobbins with 10-12 spare spools. Complete and works perfect. I am looking to sell for 350$ shipped or trade for dyna king ultimate indexer barracuda. Pm me a cel number and I will text...
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    Selling a rarely used Norvise bobbin with three spare spools and spooling arbor. Works fine I just don't use it much. Selling for 60$ shipped in CONUS, Paypal.
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    So I am putting together all of my remaining norvise equipment at a really good price. I am listing the vise on a olive wood mounting board with the standard straight jaws as well as the the fine point jaws. I am also including the dubbing table, 2 norvise bobbins, and 15 spools. All of it is in...
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    I am consolidating some of my fly fishing gear, starting with my vises. PM if you have any questions. Will ship to any where in the US at the actual shipping cost. Sold - Norvise Rotary Fly Tying Vise Setup - $200 - Sold HMH Spartan Vise with HMH Bobbin Rest - $125 HMH SX Vise - $75 Norvise...
1-12 of 12 Results