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    Hello, Looking to trade my NRS cross frame sections, one angler seat with the swivel seat attached and the curved down foot bar. Both are 60" with the new style mounts "LoPro", in used good condition. The foot bar has a mark form the anchor system attach unit. Examples...
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    The coveted Flycraft Stealth Fisherman package! I've owned this raft for 1 year. I've taken this thing down the deschutes, the cowlitz, the mackenzie all kinds of costal rivers. Lakes and ponds. I mounted a Suzuki outboard motor and fished the bays for kings and coho. Will do great for...
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    For sale 15’ NRS Otter raft for sale. 3 oars and frame ready to hook em. $5,000z
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    NRS chinook fishing life vest. XXL Used like new! At store over$100. Take it for $50
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    SOLD - FIRST DAY OF THIS LISTING - Aire Super Puma River Raft - Fishing Raft & Frame - $3000 (package price if purchased new - $6570) Our family has gotten a great deal of joy from this raft, and have floated and fished all over Washington. Our 4 kids are all moving on, and it is time for this...
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    I have part of the NRS raft anchor system. Only have one pulley and the front bracket. It is the bracket that mounts near the oarsman and usually has a jamb cleat and a pulley. *No jamb cleat with this bracket*. This is all I have of the system. $25 obo. Prefer local seattle/Tacoma meet up but...
  7. Lost, Found, Stolen
    I took my like new NRS Chinook Orange size S/M off yesterday and put it on the roof of my car along with some gloves and drove off with them there yesterday at Munn Lake in Thurston County. It could have ended up in the parking lot driving after driving over the speed bumps, or when I turned...
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    Good condition, self bailing inflatable floor, custom rowing frame, wooden Sawyer oars, anchor and bracket, patch kit, double action barrel pump. $1500 obo
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    Hey All. I have a set of towers that were set up and used for about 2hrs. perfect condition. 70.00 offer. pic available on request. Thanks
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    I am looking to purchase one or both of these bags. I do not care what it looks like as long as it is water proof.
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    Ok, Gonna try this one more time to see if anyone has either a full kit or even just a mast or cleat available for the system. If I could afford a new complete kit I would have bought it months ago. I live in Portland, OR so would need to be near by or willing to ship. Thanks everyone, John
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    NRS Inflatable Kayak . Also icludes 2 scotty rod holders and pack. Very good condition. Great kayak to throw in the back of the car. Very stable has scuppers. Complete description can be found at: http://www.nrs.com/product/16363/nrs-pike-fishing-inflatable-kayak Note Paddle is not included...
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    **SOLD** We are moving away, and it's time for someone else to get to enjoy this amazing 'Cadillac' of a raft! I'm including everything you need to drive away and go straight to the river or lake to fish- all the safety and convenience extras that cost you hundreds of dollars. I added every...
  14. General Forum
    The video on the NRS website makes these look like an interesting option for waders. I especially like the side zipper as it looks like it would be less prone to stress during use. Does anyone on this forum have any actual experience with them?
1-15 of 15 Results