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  1. Classifieds
    I have Like new Winston 3wt Super 10. Rod is like new (never fished) only law casted a couple of times. TRADES Looking for Fly Fishing Gear (Reels and rods). Send me a PM if you have anything you are wanting to trade. No Custom rods pls.
  2. Lakes
    It seems that the ability to let your boat move around on lakes with Kokanee can greatly open up the potential of hooking fish using nymphs. For me it resulted in a nice 24 inch plus rainbow for my brother it resulted in his catching his first Kokanee on the fly. Contrary to popular belief here...
  3. Classifieds
    I have a brand new, never fished, never removed the plastic from the cork, never taken out of the case until today, Redington Crux, 8 weight, 10 foot 4 piece rod. This rod is Redington's answer to the X, and retails for $399.99, I am asking $175, plus shipping. This rod would be a good...
  4. Classifieds
    Thinning the herd.... Hardy Jet 3wt 10'0" $300 Hardy Jet 5wt 10'0" $300 Hardy Zephyrus 5wt 10'0" $550 All rods come with original sock & Tube....I will post pictures later..
  5. Classifieds
    I'd like to buy an entry or mid level 10-10.5' euro rod, 3 or 4wt. Ideally around $150-200. If you have one to sell please post here with description and asking price. Thanks!
  6. Classifieds
    Hi, As per the subject, looking for an 3wt 11' Euro nymph rod - I have a 3wt Greys Streamflex Plus that does 9'6 and 10' but at times could use a bit more reach. Not really looking for anything in particular but something like another Greys, Redington Hydrogen or even better one of the Hends...
  7. Classifieds
    Have too many Nymphing rods, so going to sell all & only keep two as I have to make some room for new toys: 1) Redington Hydrogen 3wt 11'0" (new) $225 2) SAGE ESN 3wt 10'0' (mint) $525 3) Orvis Helios H2 3wt 10'0" (mint) $475 4) Hardy Zenith 5wt 10"0 (Display Never fished) $475 *** BUYER...
  8. Classifieds
    I can't spend a ton, but I am recently back from a trip where this would have been quite helpful. Thinking BVK, Shadow II. I have some 5wt equipment I would consider trading as well. Let me know. Thanks.
  9. Classifieds
    I've come to realize I will probably never be big into this style of fishing. I have the following for sale: ECHO shadow II 2100-4 (used once) Islander ir1 black (couple small scuffs from use) Rio euro nymphing line. Nice light package. 350 shipped conus. Send email for pics Cheers Jon
  10. General Forum
    I recently did a three day float on the San Juan, second river trip nymphing only in probably 15 years. I used my Swift Epic 580 glass rod, and it cast junk great and handled the fish fine, but just because of the length it did give me some mending and hook setting challenges when the indicator...
  11. General Forum
    I'm looking to build out my steelhead quiver. I will have a 7wt 7133 Spey for swinging. I also need a long nymphing rod. Was thinking a 10ft Single but thought, why not go for the Switch rod. Something like a Sage One 7wt 11ft(?) switch. Then I have the option of using it to swing smaller...
  12. Classifieds
    I have a 11' 3wt Redington Hydrogen rod that was designed specifically for euro style nymphing techniques. This rod is very sensitive to everything that happens to your fly and the extra reach has been incredible! I used the rod 1 time, but decided that it wasn't for me because I live 4 hours...
  13. General Forum
    If you are putting on a New Zealand strike indicator, what leader formula should I use. I know that the standard 4-5x tapered leader has too big of a butt section for to put on a NZ wool with the tool. I didn't know if 20lb is too thick or if I should go with 15lb, or if that isn't stiff enough...
  14. General Forum
    Had an all day outing today, which turned out great and bad at the same time. Great because I hooked into my largest trout yet. It was a 12 inch rainbow caught on a caddis pupa nymp, put up a great fight. And bad becuase I missed around TWENTY strikes combined while nymphing and swinging...
  15. Gear/Technique
    Heading up to north island to fish the tongariro river next Wednesday don't know what kind of line to buy, Any ideas ?
  16. General Forum
    Key Point 1: Depth Control Depth control is one of the most important keys to success in catching trout with nymphs. If your not touching bottom, your not deep enough. I build my nymph leaders with about 50 % 30 pound test, and then step down frrom there to 20, 13, 3x, 5x, 6x etc. When your...
  17. General Forum
    Steelhead Nymphing Strategies By Andy Simon and Mike Davidchik Nymphing is a fun and effective way to take steelhead under many different conditions. Knowing how to nymph effectively will open up water to a fisherman that they have never been able to cover before. While we know that mature...
1-18 of 18 Results