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  1. General Forum
    I am a resident of Colorado and spend all summer hiking into obscure and difficult to find locations to catch native trout that most people overlook. I spend the rest of the year digging through old books and the internet trying to find these places. I'm more interested in general in fishing in...
  2. General Forum
    Most summers I typically end up backpacking and fly fishing in the Canadian Rockies, but this summer I will not have time for such an extended trip. I am now tossing around the idea of spending a week backpacking along the Quinault in the vicinity of the Enchanted Valley, or, the same idea but...
  3. General Forum
    Not sure if this should be in a different forum. Moderators, please move if necessary. What is the best map for Olympic National Park. I'm thinking in terms of the hiking trails and primitive campsites. And of course the most up to date. Thoughts? Much appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results