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  1. General Forum
    Just bought OPST Commando head 200 grain head with 35 pound laser running line. I tried it on my 9 foot 5 weight and my 10 foot 3 weight fly rods. This stuff works great. Cast a mile with no back cast. I also bought the 5 foot S2 and S4 tips. The Commando head will get you to water you can't get...
  2. Anadromous
    (of course this is directed at those in favor of the Skagit/Sauk season) While the WSC seems to be providing provisional support, I find many of their comments particularly exasperating...
  3. Saltwater
    Got this today. > Subject: Environmental review completed for imidacloprid, report evaluates impacts of using pesticide to control burrowing shrimp > > The Washington Department of Ecology has completed the final environmental assessment of a proposal to use the pesticide imidacloprid to...
  4. Gear/Technique
    On YouTube I have seen people writing on the flats of the bamboo fly rods. Some use a metal quill pen and India ink or Testors enamel paint. Others use what looks like a fine felt tip pen. When I took the tour of the Sage factory they used some kind of store bought pen. Does anyone know what...
  5. Watercraft
    Saved money deciding NOT to spend money on another fly rod, soooooo.....how do you guys feel about using an inflatable kayak (maybe a Hobie i11) on the Hood Canal? I currently don't have a boat and would like to open up more water for SRC.
  6. General Forum
    Hi folks, I do most of my fishing during the warmer months but I'm itching to fish. I'm coming off of back surgery and will be ready to go late January. My question is... what type of water do you fish (and catch fish) in the colder months? I was thinking of tossing a streamer in water that...
  7. Anadromous
    For as long as I've been flyfishing for steelhead, I've been thinking of Atlantic salmon fly fishing and what it would be like. The Gaula in Norway was a river that always came to mind. Three weeks ago it fell into my lap when Jeremy Kehrein, of Orvis Travel, asked if I would like to host a trip...
  8. General Forum
    Figured I'd let everyone know after I put in my order. Cabela's CGR rods in the Bargain Cave for $40. Solid rod's for dirt cheap and a blast to fish. I may or may not own every rod in the series now... Luckily they all look the same so as long I keep them scattered about the lady of the house...
  9. Watercraft
    I was able to resist this, but if you're in the market it's hard to beat$799 http://www.avidmax.com/osg-stealth-pro/
  10. Fly Tying
    .....which might prove to be interesting/helpful to those just starting out. God, there's just so much good stuff about tying on the Net........ just say'n...... https://www.facebook.com/groups/160592361222026/
  11. Watercraft
    Has anyone glued on a Scotty anchor mount #341 with the Scotty anchor lock #241 on Dave Scadden's Preditor frameless pontoon boat. What would be the best adhesive to use? I've heard Stabond works well. Any advise would much appreciated.
  12. General Forum
    I'll be heading to Idaho Falls from Whitefish this weekend to pick up a Griffon puppy. I'm planning on leaving Whitefish Thursday at 4 and driving to Dillon. Was hoping to fish Friday before I pick up the puppy on Saturday. Is anyone available to show me around?
    mt on
  13. General Forum
    Got out early this morning looking for the "unicorn" but swung this up instead.. 6WT was bowed like crazy!!!! MAYBE NEXT TIME I WILL FIND A UNICORN...
  14. General Forum
    I was talking a dealer concerning the inflatables and he powerfully counseled not victimisation braided fishing line whereas on the Hobie inflatables as a result of it will saw through the inflatables material. I actually have transitioned to braided line, however, use long rods, therefore, I...
  15. Lakes
    Hit the winter opener on Fourth of July Lake with a friend on Black Friday. It was total dud. Arrived about 8:15 am, there were about 40 or 50 cars in the lot, almost all bank fisherman. I kicked in my tube against the not so gentle breeze from the launch down lake 0.85 miles. Trolled a bugger...
  16. Conservation
    Just got the sickening, but not unexpected, news that Trump is headed to Utah on Monday to announce the shrinking of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments. Hopefully it is quickly reversed by the courts. This is a direct attack on our public lands...
  17. Saltwater
    I came across this dead Sunfish while fishing a South Sound Beach today. Any thoughts?
  18. Fly Tying
    Found this on another BB: http://www.5280.com/2017/06/the-feather-baron/
41-60 of 289 Results