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    Rod is in great shape with some natural wear in the cork. It's been fished and is an awesome rod. Bends deep but great recovery. Included is Beulah tonic 525 which is a great match $400 you pay shipping
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    Selling a lightly used Beulah Onyx 13'7" 7wt spey rod. This rod features a great regressive action and loves Scandi heads along with long belly lines. A great Deschutes, Clearwater, or Snake rod, this stick features lovely accents and wraps, along with a gorgeous handle and reel seat. I'll...
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    <<<SOLD SOLD SOLD>>> Yup. I'm actually going to part with a recently acquired Beulah Onyx 12'9" for 7wt that I've not even fished yet. It's so mint that it has that soft-cork feel and smell, which in my books even tops new-car-scent. zero scratches anywhere on the rod. This rod is a serious...
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    Looking for either of the following Beulah Onyx rods in good condition: 6131, 7129, 7137. I have a custom Meiser Highlander S S2H1306S in perfect condition that I might be willing to trade, or just make an outright purchase. Located in Canada, but can also receive at a US address. Paypal works.
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    Anyone have one for sale or any reviews?
  6. Gear/Technique
    Hi All, I recently picked up the rod in the subject line. I'm looking for line recommendations. I have a full OPST rig on another 8wt. single hand rod. I like it fine, but think the head is short for what I want. I am new to two handed rods. From what i've read, traditional spey lines are...
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    Time to purge some rods. I only fish a handful of rods so these are going to be used to fund some rod building projects and an ACR or Meiser. Beulah Onyx 12'9" 7wt. SOLD Echo Dec Hogan II 6126-4 Great shape, fished a couple times. Sock, tube, $140 USD shipped PayPal in US, more to canada...
1-7 of 7 Results