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  1. Lakes
    Can anyone advise on what the water temps are running and if any prevalent chironomid hatches have been noted? Its been a few years since I've been to Pass and hoping to take advantage of this good weather this week to make a run up. Thanks, Yellowlab
  2. Lakes
    Does anyone know if Pass is frozen at all? I will be picking up a couple float tubes Saturday in Anacortes, and am hoping to fish for a few hours. Any recent reports would be helpful too.
  3. Lakes
    Weather is looking good for Saturday, I guess it time to go try my luck with an indicator ! Earl
  4. Lakes
    I know I'm kind of late on this report, but I had an excellent day and thought I should at least share with everyone about my trip. My friend recently purchase a couple Outcast Stealth Pro kick boats - these are pretty sweet - the only float tubing I have ever done was in a caddis tube where...
  5. Lakes
    Almost no wind. Water temp down to 42 degrees. Missed two strikes, landed one 18" rainbow. And it was a blast. I got to really work on my casting, as no wind helps in that regards, and a group of otters put on a show that I will never forget. Got very close to one sitting on a log near the...
  6. Lakes
    I have been driving by Pass lake these past couple of weeks and it seems that some folks have been fishing the lake. I am thinking about it now that the temps are lower. Any reports?
  7. General Forum
    Heading up to pass lake this week to target browns before the end of the year. Had anyone fished it lately and what was working for flies would be a huge help. Thanks. Tight lines
  8. Lakes
    I've been having a blast learning Stillwater fly fishing, mostly on Pass lake, for the last few months. The weather has been (surprisingly) nice but now I see some snow (and wind) and I find myself reluctant to go fishing. So my question (I guess ) is should I put my purse down, put my big boy...
  9. Lakes
    Never fished Pass Lake before and I see that the forecast calls for 10mph winds out of the south tomorrow morning. How much of an issue is the wind there? I'd be in a float tube.
  10. Lakes
    A few weeks ago I talked with a guy and his son who had just trapped over 100 crayfish off the bank along the road side of the lake. I have heard that divers also harvest them here. Surely the Browns are feasting on them. There seems to be many flies tied to imitate crawfish. I have talked with...
  11. Lakes
    Had a blast chasing fish at Pass this afternoon. Trying to scare some Browns so I stayed till dark. Got a couple of bites just before dark on a black leech, but as it got darker I was wondering if the fish could even see my fly. I've been told that fast stripping minnow flies can be effective in...
  12. General Forum
    I know this has been posted before in several different threads but I'm just going to remind those of us who've hit the "golden years" (meaning 62 or above) that a good deal is still to be had on a cheap pass (which lasts your lifetime) that allows access to a number of areas under federal...
  13. Lakes
    Finally, after months of anticipation, I put my float tube in at Pass Lake! Crimped the barb on my olive Wholly Bugger at 9:30 am. 5 minutes later a strike. 5 minutes later fish on.. for 5 seconds. 10 minutes later a fish comes half way out of the water following the bugger 2 ft from my tube...
  14. Lakes
    I parked and got out. One boat looked like they were fishing chironomids. Lots of tiny baitfish at the boat launch. Sure enough I saw a nice Brown cruising in 3 feet of water. Just scouting today and don't have a tube yet but sure wish I had brought my rod. Coming home from Whidby I saw some...
  15. Saltwater
    A side trip to explore SRC beaches there this time of year worth the extra 2 hour drive?? Thoughts?? Thanks in advance.... ST
  16. General Forum
    I hope I'm not covering old news but yesterday my wife and I visited a national park in new Mexico. When I was preparing to pay the 20 dollar vehicle fee the Ranger told me if I bought a 62 and over lifetime pass for 10 dollars I could enter any np for the rest of my life with up to 3 guests...
  17. Lakes
    The parking lot was full and I kind of expected at least one report. How was the fishing? Weather was nice. MB
  18. Lost, Found, Stolen
    While fishing at pass last year I set my rod down and made one stroke with my oars and my rod reel went flying out the back of my boat. It was a redington cpx rod with a Eddie Bauer reel I was fishing on the far side of the lake up from the house. I haven't had any internet access until recently...
  19. Lost, Found, Stolen
  20. Lakes
    I'm going to fish Pass next week for the first time. Any advice out there or does someone want to show a lake noob a thing or two? I have a pontoon boat so no need to tow me around. :) Funny thing is, I grew up in Oak Harbor and we used to drive off of the island ALL the time for soccer down...
1-20 of 57 Results