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  1. General Forum
    Not trying to be secretive, but don't want to get blasted for hot spotting nor endanger the non existent pinks. That being said, a friend who is a hardcore gear guy wants me to come fish for pinks with him one day soon on that river. I'm sure he just goes to that spot that's in all the videos/...
  2. General Forum
    Has anyone ever done this? Is it worth a shot?
  3. General Forum
    I'm hoping to catch my 1st pink this season. I'm planning on river fishing, not being out on the beach. Can anyone recommend some flies? Pink marabou jigs style flies is about all that I know. Hopefully I'll be moving to Montana soon so this will be my last shot at getting one. Feel free to...
  4. Saltwater
    Tried fishing MA 11 this morning. Only one boater out there and in the calm conditions I didn't see any pink activity, so it didn't look promising. But, I lucked into landing a couple of pinks, a 17" and a 22". Here's a photo of the husky 22 incher: I retained this pink and it weighed a...
  5. General Forum
    Does anybody know what the word is on the Pinks around Puget Sound?
1-5 of 5 Results