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  1. Saltwater
    A golfing friend just bought a waterfront home on Sandy Point (near the Lummi Indian Reservation) and has invited me to fish off his beach (he's not a fisherman, so he has no idea if the fishing there is any good). I've never been out there before and was wondering if anyone has ever fly fished...
  2. General Forum
    Has anyone ever done this? Is it worth a shot?
  3. General Forum
    Rarely, some veteran fly fishers, after a rich and satisfying career of connecting with many, many fish, have reached the point where they choose to cut the bends off their flies, and file the end of the wire smooth, as they fish on as long as they're able, with flies that cannot hook and hold a...
  4. Saltwater
    Hey Everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for fishing Picnic Point? I'm really interested in beach fishing but my only experience on salt is pier fishing at Edmonds, Kingston and Kayak Point where I either bait fish perch or jig for squid. I just acquired my first fly rod and some...
  5. Photography / Video
    Have the TG-1 for my fishing adventures. Thinking of upgrading to the 4/3 or dx format. The Olympus OmD M-1 is sweet, checked one out @ Glazers tried the 7-14mm & 14-45mm Pro lenes. Any thoughts from those who have been there done that? c/22
  6. Lakes
    I hadn't been to damsel point in maybe six or seven years. The last time I managed to get out of bed early enough to wade and fish this shoreline when the damsels and callibaetis were migrating/hatching, I sight casted to and landed a 30-inch Lahontan. I hoped to do the same this...
1-8 of 8 Results