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  1. Trip Reports
    When I fish lakes in BC, I frequently fish with two rods (but only one fly per rod). Here in Washington, I've been buying the "2 pole endorsement" - after today I have to ask myself: why? An old bamboo rod in my man cave - looks cute but it really is pretty worthless. I was hoping to find a...
  2. Classifieds
    64" tall hiking staff that holds up to a 8' two piece rod inside. As new. I hiked for years with a 3 piece (which was awkward) and realized a two piece rod in a staff would be cool. When I found this I jumped on it. Now the company has apparently dried up. Well made and never used. $75 cash...
  3. General Forum
    Hey everybody! I'm looking at upgrading the old broomstick of a 9' 5 wt I have had since I got back into fishing. The thing must way a pound by the way my arm feels after a day of fishing compared to my 4 and 6 weights. My question is about the length...I've been seeing the new trend of...
1-3 of 3 Results