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  1. General Forum
    https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p318511vb Has anyone been to this cabin? I am wondering about asking my parents if we could stay there for my birthday. If so, how was the fishing?
  2. General Forum
    I'm heading to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby this week and the farm that we're staying at has a stocked pond with blue gills, bass, and catfish. I recently broke my 5 weight so I'm bringing my 3 weight. What flies would you recommend for bass and blue gills that you can throw with a 3 weight?
  3. Lakes
    Drove back up to the stocker pond yesterday afternoon. Some gnarly rain showers and a mild 8-10 mph breeze were happening, but it was in the mid-50's and not so bad with rain gear. In fact, it was downright balmy and comfortable. I made there just in time to fish the "post-siesta dinner bell."...
  4. Lakes
    Had some fun last Wedn afternoon. Seduced one of these about every 12 minutes, with some help from the red-lipped Cookie Girl. About half of 'em were "2-pounders."
  5. Warm Water Species
    When time is of the essence and a decision is needed "right now", a pond will seldom let you down. And sometimes....it will treat you to a damned fine day on the water. Pointing the FJ towards the closest walk-around pond I could think of, it was mere minutes before I was bringing the...
  6. Lakes
    Fished two spots yesterday, thermometer read 95! I was at the lenice end of nunnally and the water still had a cold feel to and fish were rising everywhere,I had tried some bead head olive nymphs to start but got no love, the pressure was on! I had met a few buddies from work that fish the lake...
  7. Local cuttie

    2/9/2008 local pond cuttie...
  8. beaver pond

    a sweet little pond full of brownies
1-12 of 12 Results