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  1. Classifieds
    Hi everybody! Was making up a batch of these foam frogs for pond bass fishing here in Texas and had a few extras that I tied up. I was wondering if anyone was interested in filling their boxes with a few? They have a good gurgling and side to side action. Shoot me pm if your interested! I...
    $7 USD
  2. Classifieds
    Large, med, small...... Never used, 3 are offshore sailfish type still in package 13 total 50.00
  3. Saltwater
    hello I have a intermediate line for my SRC fishing and was wondering if it seems like a lot of action is occurinf on the top if that means it would be wise to switch over to surface flies or if subsurface could still be productive. I also didn’t know when seeing a fish leaping out of the air...
  4. Saltwater
    Ok, so I purchased a few $6 poppers from the Poulsbo shop. Basically a chrome, foam head, some trailing bucktail and flashabou, and a small trailing hook on mono. Fished my home shoreline last eve downwind with a variety of streamers, only a few dinks and one decent fish....no great...
  5. Classifieds
    With the overwhelming response to get some poppers from the members, I was able to put these 2 lots of poppers together! I'm sorry i don't have more poppers available to sell, as my orders are getting out of control.. There is my newest creation I designed last night, and I've included the first...
  6. Classifieds
    In a previous post 12 soldiers sent me there names and addresses! As I wanted to honor them with a military themed popper as a thank you. I post this on Fiberglass Forum, Spey Pages, Classic Forum, and Washington forum.. Such a great response.. Here's the list of Soldiers that will receive a...
  7. Classifieds
    Wow that last group went quick! I put together a nice selection of all Bass poppers! 3 in size 2 2 in size 4 SOLD 28.00 plus 2.75 shipping Rod
  8. Fly Tying
    Hey All, I have been experimenting on tying some different poppers. I seem to do the best with soft foam as far as results go. But I could use some help if anyone has some light to shine on the topic of tying poppers. I don't have access to an airbrush so what are some other materials I can...
  9. Fly Tying
    As I'm trying to perfect my poppers, here are some new designs! I sure hope you like them.. When you strive for perfection, the time you spend on each one increases dramatically.. Any input would be very welcomed Rod
  10. Warm Water Species
    Hit one of my local lakes that has quite a few lily pads tonight. Poppers on a 6wt. Didn't get any hogs, but a couple were an honest 13" and gave a great pull on the 6wt. If you like the rush of top water action you gotta do some poppin'. Fun stuff.
  11. Fly Tying
    I just received this press release from Hareline. New foam popper bodies with eyes and hooks that fit the bodies sold seperately. I'm not all that keen on extremely cupped faces for poppers because the cupping makes them difficult to pull of the surface to re-cast... regardless, I'll...
  12. Classifieds
    Selling a lot of Bass poppers. Most of these are brand new. Nothing wrong with them I just became totally hooked with tying my own stuff. The boogle poppers retails for 5.50. They are quality poppers. Asking 60 shipped which is considerable savings over retail. I do have paypal. I am in the...
1-13 of 13 Results