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    RL Winston pre im6 #5183 9' 6wt 2piece rod with original tube. Very nice condition. $450, open to trades. Powell "Performance Ply" 9' 8wt 4 piece rod comes with cloth pouch. Very nice condition $300, open to trades. Feel free to ask for more pics or make an offer.
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    Pretty confident this would be an excellent single hand spey caster for steelhead, salmon, esox... It's a medium action progressive tapered rod, the type that roll casts fine and far off. Labeled the "Coho 100" 9/10wt. Includes removable fighting butt. All original with sock and tube. Tube...
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    If you have EC Powell rods you are willing to sell, please contact me with details, photos, and price. Thanks, Chris
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    For sale a Powell 9 foot 4 weight 4 piece rod. I have not fished this rod in several years. Asking $150.00 shipped CONUS PayPal
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    Beulah 10'6 9 wt. 4 pc switch rod, very good condition, my favorite 9 wt. switch rod, asking $220 shipped concus. Powell AXS 9' 10 wt, 3 pc, blank and handle very good, rear ceramic guides have minor finish flaking. My favorite 10wt. SH, asking $140 shipped Concus. Doc says repaired...
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    Picked up two rods last year on discount. Both are good rods and planned to get as inexpensive backups. But, would rather see them get used. Both rods are new, never used. Includes tube sock and tube. Will post actual pics soon. I'm in Seattle and happy to deliver, but, shipping included...
1-6 of 6 Results