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    Hello I’m new to this forum. I’m looking for a small pram, 8 foot, Just missed out on the 8 foot Smith pram listed last week. Any info for pram for sale much appreciated.
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    I have an older 8' Stillwater Classic Pram for sale. I bought it last fall with the intent of replacing the fiberglass repair the PO put on and cleaning up the thwarts but didn't get to it. You can see from the photo what needs to be done - a little grinding then some new fiberglass and resin...
  3. Watercraft
    Looking for a 10' Pram for husband. He has a Pelican sailboat by Smith brothers and has sailed for 40 years. Just went camping last weekend with Fred Smith who is 91 y/o. Fred not building any more now. Thought he was going to get one from Fred but it fell through. Would love to find one for...
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    This fly fishing boat is designed for Class I and Class II rivers and stillwaters. It has high sides, an asymmetrical bottom shape, very low draft capabilities and shallow rise bow and stern. The 10' Hopper II is made of hand laid fiberglass with Eastern Ash gunwales and weighs 120 pounds. It...
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    Beautiful lake fly fishing Pram. $750 firm
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    The wife has told me that I have too many boats and one needs to go. Up for sale is a great condition Stillwater Classic Pram package complete with everything you need minus a battery and anchors. This includes a Minn Kota 24lb thrust motor, composite oars, oar locks, wood deck, Scotty anchor...
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    Not mine, it was just listed on iFish, an Oregon fishing/hunting forum. Thought I would post it here for anyone looking for a great fiberglass flyfshing pram for only $800, which is a very fair price. http://www.ifish.net/board/showthread.php?p=15428970#post15428970
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    8' fly fishing pram. Fiberglass reinforced plywood construction. Oars and anchor included. Fits in back of small or standard sized pick up truck. $275.
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    Slightly used Dog Fish fly pram. $750 Firm. Very stable, rows well, tracks well, carpeted, includes two waterproof side storage compartments, battery box under lid up front, wired, moveable seat, oars, two lead anchors, rope, anchor drop with base, sweet fishing machine.
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    Built in floatation, integrated carrying handles, swivel seat base with quick release back. 80# and easy to transport in the bed of your truck. Solid, stable and nice rocker which glides over the stillwater. Doesn't come with oars or anchors. I'll have photos posted up later. A rare and sought...
  11. Watercraft
    ok guys, those of you with a whitewater pram what is the over all length and bottom width? also do you wish it was wider or narrower, longer or shorter? I ask because I am getting a drawing ready to build a 10 or 11 ft whitewater pram. I'm working on restoring a 15'x48'' wood drift boat now, I...
  12. General Forum
    I built the pram to be ignited...
  13. Classifieds
    Almost new Dog Fish Boat. Extremely stable 1 man pram. Great for stillwater's. Not used very much. Need bigger boat to take grandson. Boat only--$900. Will sell extras separately.
  14. Lakes
    I have a 10' Stillwater Stonefly pram, which is one of Stillwater's first boats. It's a different design than the Hopper; it's more like a 10' version of their classic 8' model. I'm in the process of adding accessories to it. It's a bit heavy to car top, so it gets hauled around on a trailer...
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    Selling my Hopper II and trailer to make room in the garage for another boat. This is a 10' 2-seat model in excellent shape and comes complete with electric motor cable kit, 2 7' Caviness oars, Scotty oar sockets, 2 Thomas pocket pullers and the near mint trailer pictured. $1200 takes all.
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    Eight foot Spring Creek fiberglass PRAM built by NW premier PRAM builder. 60lbs. Splash web ivory & hunter green. 1 front, 2 rear mounted carrying handles; center bow mounted pocket puller kit (for anchor); 2 Stern mounted Scotty anchor locks; motor pad on transom; Cataract 6.5' Composite...
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    Anyone looking to sell a 10' Hopper II single seat? I think i'm open to a 2 seater as well but would prefer a single if possible.
  18. Classifieds
    Anybody know where I can find a roller like this one?
  19. Classifieds
    Almarco 10' Pram Epoxy coated bottom Motor mount Carpeted 2- Wise Boat Seat Clamp with Swivel 1-Seat Anchor 25# Oars $1200 Located in Seattle
  20. Classifieds
    Used once and is basically new. If you want to see the specs go to Springcreekprams.com. Comes with trolling motor set up, splash guard finish, pocket puller anchor system installed front and back. NO OARS! Now down to $1,500. I am keeping this boat in the back of my pickup where it is out...
1-20 of 35 Results