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    This is a lightly used, modified Scadden Assault XX in great shape. Never punctured and no problems holding air. Modifications include NRS lo-pro frame and DIY anchor system. Oars (Sawyer/Scadden shoal cut oars), Oar Rites, bronze oarlocks (with springs and keepers), low back rower's seat, foot...
    $1,800 USD
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    Up for sale is a one-person raft made by Maxxon Inflatables for one of their clients. I believe this was part of a prototype batch. Excellent condition. Fun little boat. $399 (shipping not included) PVC construction 9' total length 17" inside width in seating area 15" side tube height...
    $399 USD
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    It's time to find a new home for my 9' pontoon. I bought this previously from a forum member and it is in great condition, but I no longer need it. Upgrades included a new seat and upgraded platform hardware. My best guess is that the total retail value would be about $2,250 by the time you...
    $915 USD
  4. Watercraft
    I just purchased my first Water master kodiak. I was looking at the floor you can buy, but the only time I would really use it is lakes and I’d rather have a more stable platform. Has anyone built one? I found a picture of one, and I am currently trying to figure out what supplies I think I’ll...
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    Looking for an AIRE Super Duper Puma raft, with or without fishing frame. Wondering if anyone is looking to sell theirs?
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    Dave Scadden Assault XX $1200 Includes: swivel seat for passenger, 2 original gear bags, 2 original seats, and upgraded deluxe oars, scotty anchor lock, and stripping apron. Anchor not included.
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    10 FT Skookum Steelheader Cataraft - good condition with many extras. Asking $950 Boat comes complete with - upgrade Cataract breakdown 7.5 ft. oars with oar rights, brass oar locks, spare oar, pump, milk crate, bow line, anchor pulley system w/ anchor, and 2 gear bags. This boat is rated at...
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    Hello, Looking to trade my NRS cross frame sections, one angler seat with the swivel seat attached and the curved down foot bar. Both are 60" with the new style mounts "LoPro", in used good condition. The foot bar has a mark form the anchor system attach unit. Examples...
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    The coveted Flycraft Stealth Fisherman package! I've owned this raft for 1 year. I've taken this thing down the deschutes, the cowlitz, the mackenzie all kinds of costal rivers. Lakes and ponds. I mounted a Suzuki outboard motor and fished the bays for kings and coho. Will do great for...
  10. Classifieds
    ***SOLD*** Raft is in excellent condition. Meticulously cared for. Always stored inside, inflated, and regularly treated with 303 protectant. Only used a handful of times. Selling because I don't use it enough. Comes with removable anchor system ($199 retail), heavy duty caviness oars, rear...
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    After floating in my OSG Commander this Spring and Summer I am ready to jump to the Striker. I know there have been a few requests lately for folks looking for a Striker sitting around, but, if anyone has one they are willing to sell please PM me. I’m near Seattle and willing to drive to pick...
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    Looking for a small utility or flatbed trailer for my 11’ lightweight raft. If you want to sell one or have a recommendation for a source let me know. Thanks!
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    For sale 15’ NRS Otter raft for sale. 3 oars and frame ready to hook em. $5,000z
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    $4000 PAC 1400 Raft w/ custom MS Metal works Trailer. Great condition. Less than 25 trips. Boat, frame, trailer, sawyer Dynelite oars (plus back up set of Carlisle oars), extra rope, straps, electric pump, and mojo.
  15. Classifieds
    I have for sale one badass hypalon raft. The raft is an older Momentum 13 footer, self-bailing model. Includes entire NRS frame, with both front and back seats and accessories. Basically the whole enchilada.... If you are looking for your first raft, or want a bomber raft that you can treat...
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    Selling my Catchercraft Freestone 9' raft to make room for a larger boat. It packs down super small, assembles in 5-10 minutes and can handle just about any steelhead river in Washington. I've taken it down the Skykomish, Klickitat, Skagit, Sauk, Hoh, Bogi, Kalama, Green, and much smaller...
  17. Classifieds
    Hey folks! I'm in search of a new stillwater float, preferably a pontoon or raft. I'd like to see what others may have available for sale! Please feel free to respond to the thread here directly, or shoot me a direct message. Cheers! Conner
  18. Classifieds
    Hey folks! I'm in search of a new stillwater float, preferably a pontoon or raft. I'd like to see what others may have available for sale! Please feel free to respond to the thread here directly, or shoot me a direct message. Cheers! Conner
  19. Watercraft
    After years of bank fishing, I am ready to buy a watercraft to hit the rivers with. It is going to be either a drift boat or a raft with an NRS frame. What do you all think? What are your personal pros and cons? Thanks!
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    I have part of the NRS raft anchor system. Only have one pulley and the front bracket. It is the bracket that mounts near the oarsman and usually has a jamb cleat and a pulley. *No jamb cleat with this bracket*. This is all I have of the system. $25 obo. Prefer local seattle/Tacoma meet up but...
1-20 of 66 Results