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  1. Trip Reports
    Fished the Naches River this morning from about 7 until 12:30. To be legit for this forum I am posting a scenery pic. I did contemplate getting a picture of the last fish I caught - solid 18", beautifully colored cutthroat, but during the contemplation she made her escape. She took me to my...
  2. Trip Reports
    Trip to Southern Utah (Torrey, Capitol Reef area) last week. Lots of hybrids with tigers and splake (lake trout/ brook cross) being the main biters in the lakes we fished. Rugged terrain, beautiful vistas, warm temps, massive mayfly hatches, and biting bugs to rival AK, even up above 7000-feet...
  3. General Forum
    In case anyone was wondering what's at the end of the rainbow, it's more rainbows.
  4. Trip Reports
    This recent snow has got me bummed. I don't mind it so much until Christmas but after that, it can go away. But because of it (and being cooped up in the house more) I finally got around to posting a report from this past fall. Late September in the Skeena area I hit a small stream that I had...
1-7 of 7 Results