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  1. Rattlesnake Lake

    Rattlesnake Lake, Ledge and Chester Morse Lake in the distance.
  2. Lakes
    I have a couple friends interested in learning to fly fish. I'm looking for a spot to teach them how to cast while on shore that's 1) fairly close to Seattle 2) a little more nature-y than Green Lake, 3) includes some chance of catching a fish. If Rattlesnake's water levels are low, seems like...
  3. Cast & Blast
    Hey folks, Got a German Longhaired Pointer pup, and am looking forward to exposing her to birds this year. I'm out of Wenatchee, and I know I'll try and get her into Chukars, and expect there is a high chance of exposure to rattlesnakes. I've done some cursory searching, and am finding mixed...
  4. Lakes
    Hello all, Just wondering if anyone has experienced any kind of vandalism at RSL in the past? My wife and I were thinking about a trip out sometime this summer. I mean, I know it can happen anywhere( especially the Cedar River, which I stay away from now), but just looking for some input...
  5. Lakes
    Has Rattlesnake Lake gone back to being C&R? Hope so.
  6. General Forum
    I have two growlers of beer lots of flies and knowledge. Heading out on the early side to fish one of these two lakes. PM me if you are interested in joining me.
  7. Lakes
    Fished this week, no crowds lots of fish! Some decent midge hatches present when the breeze stopped, fish sipping. Caught a bunch 40' deep on brown chironomids. The fish ranged 13"-16" and fought well.
  8. General Forum
    Never been to RSnake Cr. Just got a little rod from Cabelas (being bought out by BPS... needed to burn up my gift cards) itching to try it on a small creek. Anyone had any experience there this time of year? Not trolling for secrets just wondering if it might be worth the drive from the west...
  9. Lakes
    Got to fish a 'local' put & take lake Friday and Saturday.....good action and was happy having a couple day fishing. Sunday AM found out that I was free until 2 PM. A quick calculation told me I could get 2+ hours fishing in...hooked up the boat, loaded the dog and headed for RSL. Got there...
  10. Parasites on Rattlesnake Lake Trout

    These parasites were present on about half the trout in Rattlesnake Lake, usually on the tail fin, flanks or fins.
1-19 of 19 Results