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    I got factory new Renzetti Traveler Vice, C clamp, for Right Handed tyer. My old still works fine after many years so I do not need this one yet and willing to sale for $164 +8 shipping USA. Not even one fly was tide on this new vice! I did not assemble it yet (picture if assembled vise is taken...
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    Renzetti Traveler 2200 Clamp Jaw Vise Clamp On LED Light Both in great condition SOLD
  3. Fly Tying
    Hello, An internet search brought me here I am wanting to build a travel set. I have a Renzetti Master (Home) and a Renzetti Traveler (Cabin). My search looked like some members here may have actually used the Traveler and that it fits well in the Pelican 1060 case. If someone could send me a...
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    Renzetti Master Vise with standard pedestal. The pedestal has some light stains from some epoxy drips, but that’s the only real blemish. SOLD
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    Have you ever wanted to own a premium vise but did not want to pay the cost of one brand new? Now is your chance to buy a highy regarded true rotary vise that will hold large 10/0 saltwater hooks down to size 28 midges. The large jaws on this vise can easily hold a hook until it bends or breaks...
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    Header says it all. I appreciate your help.
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    Selling all my tying stuff. Renzetti Traveler vise, lamp with magnifier, all the usual tools, bobbins, pick, etc. See pics. Materials mostly for wets and salt water. Includes storage cabinets. $225
1-7 of 7 Results