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  1. General Forum
    So after 10 years together myself and my partner Emma are finally tying the knot in Portugal. We decided that because we would be getting our relaxed beach time in portugal that we would go on an epic Fishing trip/road trip in the U.S for the rest of our honeymoon(around 20 days) starting June...
  2. General Forum
    2 nights in San Fran, 1 night in Monterey or Caramel, 2 nights in Sequoia near Grants, 1 night in Santa Barbara and then a few in Carlsbad. I’m bringing a rod or two, whatever flies I might need, a stripping basket, waders and urgency to catch a fish in California. Any ideas?
  3. General Forum
    I Posted a previous thread about a trip in the Wind Rinver Range for the first week of July, however with current snowpack it seems that trip will have to be postponed. My girlfriend and I have June 28th-July 5th off. We’re interested in doing either 2-3 nignt float trip or completing a road...
  4. Lakes
    So, I needed a day off to rest up, do too the wife and her mom for a drive. It was a beautiful day. Stopped in Morton at Spiffy's for a burger and shake, then in we went. Stopped for a few pictures. Then walked into the lake for a few casts from shore. I HATE WIND. But as it turned out a friend...
  5. General Forum
    Hello Everyone: I've been thinking about a solo fly fishing road trip this coming summer - not sure of the exact dates yet but, I plan on being on the road for about 2 or 3 weeks. I'll start at my home in Seattle, drive through eastern Washington, Idaho, and Montana where I'll turn right and...
  6. Lakes
    I had my first Stillwater trip of the year yesterday to a fly only lake in the Potholes. I was headed to another destination, but the road from the South was closed just past Herman lake so I ended up at Quail. The day was great, but fishing was fairly slow. I haven't had great days ever...
  7. General Forum
    Yesterday in our paper was an article on a proposal from the state transportation work group to "pilot" a program installing GPS units in cars so they can stick on a 2.4cents/mile "road use" tax. Apparently Oregon and California are trying this. And of course, where these losers go, we as a...
  8. General Forum
    fishing Boulder creek and the Yellowstone this week Stopped on my Sirius hair band station for some variety during the drive This song and found the video one of my new favs
  9. General Forum
    Just got home from what should be my last business trip of the summer and need to do some fishing. I was talking with a colleague of mine in the airport lounge about taking all next week off and fishing everyday and he asked if he could come along one day to check things out. Wasn't exactly...
  10. General Forum
    In late July we packed up and headed out from Seattle on a road trip through Idaho into Montana. Fish were caught, poisonous snakes handled, big game tamed, beer drank.
  11. Snow over HooDoo Pass

    Snow going back over HooDoo pass in to Montana from Idaho, Saturday Oct. 9, 2004
1-11 of 11 Results