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  1. Gear/Technique
    Remember reading about it in a salmon magazine years ago, can't remember if the idea came from Norway or Scotland? But in a pool in a spot where you know that a salmon might usually be sitting, put a white rock on the bottom! When you get to that pool, if you can't see the white rock? There just...
  2. Classifieds
    thanks for looking. The last of my lines after moving LL Bean striper. Green 8wff. Used once like new 20.00. Was 79. Cortland lazer 444 wff8. Excellent cond. this line is grey but it is floating and the specs are right on the line. 20.00 3.89 covers shipping and PayPal...
  3. General Forum
    Afternoon, I have been in MT for the last several days and on Saturday, Sept 30th I lost my net on the bank of Rock Creek, MT. It is a purple and grey rising net with "Trout Slayer" engraved on the handle. I was fishing down from the first bridge crossing. If you happen to find it or know who...
  4. General Forum
    Day 3. Lots of fish End of report.
  5. Classifieds
    Worn once for Salmon River NY trip. In excellent condition if you want extra grip for slippery rocks. $75 shipped or $60 Seattle pick up.
  6. Classifieds
    New in the box - $135 with free shipping. Prefer Venmo or some form of no fee transaction. I am in Portland for face to face. Here is what they look like - http://content.backcountry.com/images/items/900/PAT/PAT2951/NARGRE.jpg
  7. General Forum
    First time I ever hooked AND landed a rock. Sumbitch fought pretty good
  8. General Forum
    Every so often I go on You Tube and look for a good video on fishing some beautiful stream in Montana, Idaho or anywhere else that people are fly fishing. Then when I click on the video all I hear is music in the background. No sounds of nature or water, just background music. I know that it...
  9. Trip Reports
    We've probably all done it. Giddy and tired after a day on the river, stopped in some mountain town or posh resort haven for a bite to eat or a sumptuous meal, a beer or a cold drink, or some other guilty pleasure, and then wandered the streets afterwards, our minds sated but our souls aching...
  10. General Forum
    Thank you to all of you for being part of this forum. Once or twice in my life I found myself in a cold, dark place. Flyfishing by myself has always restored my peace of mind, for the last 30+ years. Old Man, out of all of the threads I have read in these past, recent months, I want to say thank...
  11. General Forum
    Day four has dawned on Rock Creek. River conditions are excellent but weather has been confused. The fishing has been fair to good with several on the dry. Day 2 had nothing looking up consistently so I rigged up the 6wt and gave this nymph game some serious attention for a change. I prefer the...
  12. SRC Swap 8/04

    Rock Gunnel by Backyard
1-18 of 18 Results