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    Here is a custom Sage 8'9" 5 wt with a Ross Canyon 1 reel and spare spool in excellent condition: - entire outfit $400 tyd - rod only $225 - reel and extra spool $225
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    The rod was purchased from a fly shop about 10 years ago and the Ross Canyon 2 with Xtra spool was purchased about the same time. Both have seen use and show some age. The rod is solid and the reel is very smooth in operation. Both perform beautifully so if you are not concerned with a bit of...
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    Here is a pristine Ross Canyon Big Game 4 Special Edition # 91 of 100 with a spare gold spool. The "Special Edition" series were reserved for and awarded to Ross's top selling fly shops. I have only used the reel for one weekend fishing steelhead on the Methow River since I purchased it, and you...
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    Reels: Abel TR3 5-7 wt standard arbor : 1 stealth black + spare spool, exc condition no marks, $sold 2 gloss black very minor scuffs, $sold ea, US 1 all platinum mint$sold, US 1 gold/black mint sold. US All come with as new Abel black pouches. Ross Canyon 2: gloss black minor rim scuffs with...
1-4 of 4 Results