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    Teton Tioga fly reel. Includes backing and SA WF 9 f/s (wet tip III) line. Excellent condition. Very little use. Spare spool also available. Cleaning up my Dad’s flytying collection. Will post more. Long time WFF member. Local pick-up at my office in Issaquah. Thanks for looking.
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    Loop Evotec HD 9thirteen RHW, good condition with a few dings that are just enough for more peace of mind while fishing, not worrying about picking up the first ding. In-person and on the stream the reel looks great and only on close inspection in high resolution is this really visible. This...
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    SOLD! Ross Momentum 5 in near perfect shape. Hardly a mark to be found on the reel. It’s my back-up for my 7-8weight spey rods, but I’ve never used it, so time to move it on. I’m the second owner, the first owner only fished it a few times. I have the Momentum 6 as well and can attest that...
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    Ross CLA 6 for sale in excellent shape, rarely used as it was a backup reel for me. Will include backing and Rio Slickshooter running line. Has one small nick on the spool (shows in pic) which is cosmetic only. Buyer to pay shipping from BC. $150 USD
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    Hello Fly Fishing community. I have a rare gem here up for sale. I'm the second owner of this reel and the only reason why I'm selling is because I have 2...With that said. I would give this reel a 8.9/10. It's in perfect shape cosmetically, HOWEVER this reel has a slight tic in the drag...
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    Reel Cleanout Here is what I’ve got for reels: G Loomis Syncrotech reels (these reels are truly tanks with amazing drags) GL11-12-13 x2 ($200/ea)(like new) GL8-9-10 + 1 xtr spool ($300 with the extra spool)(like new) GL3-4-5 (heavily used and beat up but works great) ($125) Abel Reels: Big...
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    Looking for a Ross Colorado LT in the Olive Color. 4 or 5 weight would be great. Thanks
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    Looking for a spool for the original Ross Evolution 2. Please let me know if you have one or two laying around. Would also consider the reel if no spool available.
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    Ross vexsis 1.5 with spare spool 300 conus Orvis Mach 3 with spare spool 225 conus Winston B3 SX 10 wt 9" brand new 500$ conus
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    All reels one owner, originally bought in the mid-1990s, fished only a few days (the Lamson) or less (tho prepared for fishing, as line & backing installed). Hardy Brothers Princess reel, 3¼”, & spare spool. Mid-1990s vintage, virtually new condition. Reel in original Hardy leather case, spool...
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    Ross Reels and Spools: (All reels are without lines and backing) (All with boxes and cards). CLA 6 GREY AS NEW. $165.00. Spool. CLA 6 Black AS NEW. No rash $100. (Add $45 for backing and 8 wt spey floater (Ace). Spool. CLA 6 Grey AS NEW. No rash $100. (Add $50 for backing 650 GR Skagit...
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    new Ross Reach 6126-4. Six weight 12'6" with divided factory tube. still has plastic on the handle $195 shipped, paypal. pics available Couple reviews: http://www.speypages.com/speyclave/59-rods/191194-ross-reach-6126-4-6-wt-126-review.html
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    Hi all, From Colorado here but you all seem to know a lot about your Sage rods. I have an old Sage that was given to me by my dad, along with an old Ross reel (no sentimental value, I think he bought it and used it maybe once or twice). They have been great for me getting started with fly...
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    I have fee too many and would like to sale: 1. Ross Flyrise 2 (lines 4-6) . Great budget reel with SAME brake as original Evolution. SMOOTH!! I take it out few times, most likely cast in the park different lines. Minor marks on spool -visable on picture, minor! Price SOLD 2. ROSS RHYTHM 3...
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    I have a gunnison 3 and spare spool each with backing and neoprene case, although the black is not original to the reel. There are some scuff marks from normal where but are in excellent working order. 220$ shipped.
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    Selling my Ross Momentum 6 champagne colored reel. I've owned this for a handful of years. Reel has been fished but is still in very good shape. Just normal signs of use. No scratches or damage. Comes with backing. Box included but no case. $210 shipped. PP preferred
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    If anybody has a CLA they're not using & willing to part with. Thanks.
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    This is a shot in the dark, but if anyone has any Flyrise 4 spools (discontinued) that they're looking to part with, I'd love to take them off of your hands. Thanks, Ian
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    Brand new Ross CLA 2 spool-$70. Will ship in original box.
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    I have spools and only need the reel if you happen to have one. But I'd buy another reel and spool if you have reel and spool you don't want to separate.
1-20 of 147 Results