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    Looking to buy a SAGE 6080 and/or 6012 Reel.. PM me if you have one....
    $1 USD
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    Sage R8 Core 480-4 4wt 9ft Fly Rod This Rod is spanking New. The picture is a far as its made it out of the tube. Had a discount code that I needed to use from a failed repair. $850 shipped. $200 off new. PayPal or Venmo
    $850 USD
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    Sage Sonic 697-4 9'6" 6wt Waterworks GS-7 I bought both brand new at Waters West in Port Angeles, WA. Never used. I wanted to learn cutthroat on Hood Canal where we have a house but never got the time and just enjoy cutting wood and ocean fishing more. I have the original tube, sock, box and...
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    SOLD. Thanks for looking.
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    Does anyone have a Sage TXL-F 000 wt they would be willing to sell? Thanks so much!
  6. Questions & Answers
    Hi- I have a chance to pick up a Sage SP+ 9’ 6-weight for about $200. This is a rod I know little about, but the condition is excellent and the price seems right and I’m a fan of Sage rods. From what I’ve read the SP+ series were fast action sticks and seem to have a good following on...
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    I'm interested in buying a 10' 7wt or 8wt Sage X. Please let me know if you're interested in selling
  8. General Forum
    Has anyone bought and used this rod yet? Thoughts, reviews? What reel and line do you have paired with it? It looks like a very slick rod and I really want to try it out sometime!
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    In great condition, $300 shipped or if you're in the Seattle area you can pick up or we can meet up. Venmo, Paypal or cash (if in person pick up).
  10. Classifieds
    I was rummaging through my closet and I seem to have enough fishing gear to open my own shop! A lot of it has either never been used or used very little. Before I start listing stuff online, I wanted to give folks here an opportunity to take a look. If you're interested, send me a PM and I'll...
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    Bought this for high tide days at Doc’s, when I lived in Tacoma. Had a baby and moved after buying. Fished twice (very sad) Beach cannon - great for long casts, and casts short/accurate as well. Great for resident coho, SRC and migratory silvers. Orvis quality & workmanship and fabulous...
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    Teton Tioga fly reel. Includes backing and SA WF 9 f/s (wet tip III) line. Excellent condition. Very little use. Spare spool also available. Cleaning up my Dad’s flytying collection. Will post more. Long time WFF member. Local pick-up at my office in Issaquah. Thanks for looking.
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    Loop Evotec HD 9thirteen RHW, good condition with a few dings that are just enough for more peace of mind while fishing, not worrying about picking up the first ding. In-person and on the stream the reel looks great and only on close inspection in high resolution is this really visible. This...
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    I know it's really a shot in the dark, but I've been looking for a Sage TCX 691 for months now. If anyone has one they're willing to let go of, please don't hesitate to contact me! Would prefer it comes with a tube and sock but not a dealbreaker.Will pay for shipping as well. Thanks everyone!
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    Sage VPS 9140 in excellent, almost like new condition - $190.00 shipped CONUS, PayPal.
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    I had this posted before as a complete setup but have sold the reel individually. So now rod without reel. Sage Bass II Smallmouth Rod in case with original owners name and number sharpied on the outside (I believe I am the second owner). Zipper of case and inside sleeves are in perfect...
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    Sage ONE fly rod 9' 4-wt (490-4) in great condition. This thing is beautiful. Gently used and very clean. Aluminum tube and sock included. $500 (std shipping included)
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    I have too many 5weights and have been thinning all my rod selection (I have 3 moderate action 5weights now!). This rod is a classic moderate action 5weight presentation oriented rod, is in very good, but has been used a few times. I have the warranty card that has not been sent in yet...
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    For sale is a Sage Salt HD 1090-4 (9’ 10 weight) and a Sage Spectrum Max 9/10 loaded with backing and Rio Flats Pro WF10. The rod is in excellent condition with no apparent scratches or nicks. The rod comes with the original tube that has a few scratches and dings. The reel is also in excellent...
  20. Classifieds
    ***SOLD***New, unused, unregistered Sage Method 14' 9wt Asking $650 plus split the shipping Open to offers for single hand rods 4-7wt
1-20 of 500 Results