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    This is a lightly used, modified Scadden Assault XX in great shape. Never punctured and no problems holding air. Modifications include NRS lo-pro frame and DIY anchor system. Oars (Sawyer/Scadden shoal cut oars), Oar Rites, bronze oarlocks (with springs and keepers), low back rower's seat, foot...
    $1,800 USD
  2. Watercraft
    Hi, my old Rampage bit the dust and now I have a Scadden Raptor. I was swayed to get the Raptor over Predator as I'm told former has more useful deck space. Upon inflating Raptor in living rm 2days ago, I wished I'd gotten the Predator. I really wanted to have a smaller toon. Now I am...
  3. Watercraft
    I recently purchased a Scadden Predator Lo Pro specifically to fish lakes that were "Off Road". An example is Lake Lenice in Grant county WA. Access requires a 1/2 mile hike that is restricted to non motorized traffic. After unpacking the boat, oars, pump motor mount etc. It was clear to me I...
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    Dave Scadden Assault XX $1200 Includes: swivel seat for passenger, 2 original gear bags, 2 original seats, and upgraded deluxe oars, scotty anchor lock, and stripping apron. Anchor not included.
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    Heavy duty motor mount for most any electric trolling motor, could probably support a small 1-2 hp gas motor as well. I purchased this new from Dave Scadden's North Fork Outdoors, however only used my electric motor twice. This mount will fit his frameless Outlaw series (Predator, Escape...
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    I am offering my Scadden Outlaw Renegade pontoon boat for sale. I purchased it about seven years ago primarily for river use and I have used it on rivers such as the Cowlitz and the St. Joe. However, the days of wading the rushing waters appear to be behind me now and I am thinning my...
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    Up for sale is a used once Dave Scadden Freestyle H3 float tube. Includes stripping basket and storage bag with backpack straps. This is an ideal setup to hike into the basin lakes which will be fishing well very soon. It is about 6' long, completely frameless, class 2 rated and in excellent...
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    Green Scadden pontoon boat - first person to contact me gets it. I bought it from a dude several years ago for my brother-in-law, but it never got used. The valves need to be replaced, I think, but it should work other than that. Includes one piece composite oars - I forget the brand name. I'm...
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    I bought a used Renegade and it was sold to me without oars. Anybody have something I could use? Thanks Steely
  10. Watercraft
    Has anyone glued on a Scotty anchor mount #341 with the Scotty anchor lock #241 on Dave Scadden's Preditor frameless pontoon boat. What would be the best adhesive to use? I've heard Stabond works well. Any advise would much appreciated.
  11. Watercraft
    Last time I took my Rampage out, I had a slow leak in the floor/seat. Topping it off every couple hours was fine, but got on fixing it when I got home. Found some bubbles coming form under the valve with my trusty bottle of soapy water. Pulled the valve and cleaned it out and reset it with...
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    I am the new owner of a lightly-used Outlaw Renegade. It was sold to me without oars or foot rest. Anybody have Scadden oars or a decent facsimile? Thanks Dan
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    I have sold the custom frame and mini mags that I had originally posted with this boat. This is now for sale with all of the original accessories. The boat is in great shape. As I stated in the earlier posting, with wife and kids this boat is simply to small. I just purchased an NRS raft that...
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    UPDATE: I've sold the frame and the oars. The boat is now listed at $900 with all of the original accessories. Thanks! With two kids and limited time and space, I've decided to part with this boat. Truth be told, I just bought a 13' NRS raft that will accommodate the fam and I can't justify...
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    Scadden assault x for sale , used but in good shape , comes with factory oars and upgraded mini mag oars , k pump and cargo bag , bought it and never used it after a year so time to sell . Located in Abbotsford , BC $900 CDN Can text pics to serious buyer
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    Where do I start? Older Scadden framed pontoon including all original parts plus a scadden rod holder. Barely used, despite being roughly 10+ years old. $250. Pair of even older old school float tubes $50 each. Both include a pair of fins. Their old, but have been used very little. One is a...
  17. Classifieds
    I am selling my Scadden Rampage. I bought it a year ago, it's a great boat, but I ended up getting a drift boat instead, so I no longer need it, I have only used it twice. Comes with the upgraded carbon fiber oars. It also comes with a backup set in case one were to break. Anchor system and foot...
  18. Watercraft
    Anyone know what size tubing the pump adaptor is for the valves on a Dave Scadden pontoon boat? I'm not super hip to valve types, but I believe it's a Bravo valve.
  19. Watercraft
    Hi All, I've never put a motor on any of my Toons, but looking to now for running upstream in shallow river - current maybe class 2 occasionally max but mostly just swift riffles. Looking at 2.5HP - 4HP. Any advice on what size would work best? Any other tips, tricks for mounting, or other words...
1-20 of 36 Results