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  1. Classifieds
    Bought this for high tide days at Doc’s, when I lived in Tacoma. Had a baby and moved after buying. Fished twice (very sad) Beach cannon - great for long casts, and casts short/accurate as well. Great for resident coho, SRC and migratory silvers. Orvis quality & workmanship and fabulous...
  2. Trip Reports
    90 degree Shanks, Spawn Simi Seal, Marabou and some flutter legs made for a memorable afternoon on the sound yesterday! First 20 inch sea run of the fall! Also, found a group of small residents eager to eat anything that touched the water!
  3. Saltwater
    I'm heading out to Copalis Beach (Iron Springs) in December and there several creeks / river mouth close to the resort that look fishy when viewed via google earth: Boone Creek Copalis River Joe Creek Elk Creek Has anyone fished these areas for sea run cutthroats in late December? If so, any...
  4. General Forum
    Just picked up a nice Bauer reel on the Classifieds section and I want to get some line on it asap I will be fishing for Sea Run Cutts while wading ( no boat ) What type of line do you "Old Salts" recommend? I was thinking of a WF Floating line? Am I on the right track? Thanks.
  5. Saltwater
    hi i was interested in getting some cheap flies for SRC and didn't know your thoughts on which patterns and sizes you would suggest from the website below. Thanks https://www.theflystop.com/fly-fishing-flies-discount
  6. Saltwater
    Hello I am relatively new to SRC beach fishing and am read Richard Stoll's new SRC book and have some questions about how to mend, strip, and swing flies, both streamers and dries. Where I fish usually has a pronounced seam from the fast incoming tide and am trying to figure out how to fish it...
1-9 of 9 Results