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  1. Classifieds
    These flies were all custom tied by Jay Murakoshi and are unused in their original sleeves. Anchovy Wahoo Killer - five 4/0 and two 6/0 Green Anchovy - four 4/0 and two 6/0 Green Mackerel - three 6/0 and two 8/0 with 6/0 trailer hook Blue Anchovy - three 4/0 and two 6/0 Flying fish - four...
  2. Anadromous
    I caught a nice fish Christmas morning and it had one small green animal ridding right behind its anus. I always called these sea lice. Does anyone know how long they can survive in fresh water? I'd like to know how long it took this fish to reach the hole I was fishing, my guess is 15 river...
  3. Saltwater
    This is a belated gift idea since Christmas is past, but here is a great gift idea ongoing and also just to share with others. See pic of SRC I put on the back of a small fly box. Great artist and purchased on ETSY :) I will be happy to share the artist info and I would bet many of you know him.
  4. Saltwater
    Got the opportunity to fish for an hour or so on Thanksgiving. I've never really done much SRC fishing, but since my in-laws live on the salt I brought all my gear over. I ended up using my switch rod and practicing my spey casts as well. Had some great luck: Now I'm hooked. I'm thinking...
  5. Fly Tying
    Found this on the Flytying Forum; seems to share chromosomes with the Stayner Ducktail. Supposedly a bass fly; like the Ducktail, should work as a stillwater trout fly, too. hook - Daiichi 2461 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 brown rib - small wire copper body - mylar tinsel copper underwing - fox...
  6. Conservation
  7. Saltwater
    Wrote an article for The Wading List Titled Coastal Cutthroat in Salt Water. Enjoy. Here's one of the pictures from the article. This epitomizes salt water coastal cutthroat fishing for me. A drizzly day. A wide open beach. A fish at the end of the line.
  8. General Forum
    While fishing the sound in my kayak in late August, I met a fellow fly fisher. He told me that fishing sea runs in the sound in late fall can be really productive. I was just wondering...is now the time to fish for sea runs or is it too late? Does anybody fish sea runs off the beaches in...
  9. Saltwater
    My buddy told me about this nice little estuary on the Oregon Coast that is surrounded by sand dunes. It has a wide channel at the outlet that goes directly into the open ocean and sometimes folks "do pretty well with surf perch and sea runs and maybe the odd Jack salmon or two man" and I took...
  10. Trip Reports
    Crabbing has been pretty ridiculous the last couple months. First trip, had 70 keepers in two pulls through 10 pots in 1.5 hours, could only keep 48, had to turn back the rest. Second trip, had our 36 crab in 45 minutes, didn't even get through the nine pots once, and had to turn loose another...
  11. Saltwater
    The Great Bear Rainforest has them and so does Vancouver Island. With wolves now repopulating parts if Washington should beach anglers be concerned?
  12. General Forum
    Does anyone know if sea run cutthroat have started up the Snoqualmie yet. I'm thinking of drifting my pontoon downstream from Fall city to the end of Neal Road. But maybe the water is too low and the heat too high. Regardless, when the time is right, what patterns should I use. Denisr
  13. Classifieds
    Good Variety for sale (boxes included) Best Offer - Moving to Arizona - Good Bye Salt!!! Dick Warnke alias Pram Man ... 253 740 1851
  14. Classifieds
    Too many rods. 9' 4 weight classic series sea trout rod. Kind of too fast for my casting style, so decided to sell since im not using it. Retails for $835.00 pretty firm at $650. Fished once for about 15 minutes. As new. Beautiful rod.
  15. Saltwater
    Finally had a chance to explore some fairly remote inlets in B.C. the past few days... a one hour boat ride dropped me at a wilderness camp that I had all to myself besides the owner who was there doing projects.... walkable beaches produced some of the finest SRC terrain imaginable.... and...
  16. Classifieds
    Hey, Here's a weird request. I found a roof top tent for sale in Boise. The price is right. But, I'm realistically not going to be able to pull off another monster road trip - after the debacle of picking up a boat in Alabama only a couple months ago :D It's a huge roof top tent - so you'd...
  17. Classifieds
    $2100 Includes: Galvanized frame with two seats (rowing seat is a tractor, front seat is folding swivel). Nine foot self-bailing Maxxon raft. LeeLock Anchor system and pulleys with 20lb Green Anchor, rope and carabiner. Three 7.5 foot cataract Mini-Mags oars (Two have oar stops, one is a...
  18. Saltwater
    Fortunately the little girl wasn't hurt & there was a hero present. Unfortunately, some folks just don't grasp the "wild" part of "wild animal." http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/05/21/video-shows-sea-lion-grabbing-young-girl-pulling-her-underwater.html
  19. Saltwater
    Heading down and staying in Palmilla the first week of June and was planning to bring my surf rod (10' travel St. Croix) and my 8 or 9 weight. We are staying at the One and Only hotel and it looks like the beach has some nice rock structure. Anyone have any experience fishing around here...
  20. Saltwater
    Got here from the coal fish vid. Some Danes crushing. There's a good video on the uv shrimp fly. Dis whole bay is full of shimps and verms.
1-20 of 44 Results