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  1. General Forum
    If you are in Seattle and were planning on going to the Coastal Cutthroat fundraiser and IF4 screening tonight it was moved to March 10th due to covid. Please spread the word.
  2. Trip Reports
    Puget Sound has been unreal over the last several weeks. This time of year is just too much fun! My friend Kody and I have been using the Spawn 90 Degree Shanks with a 5.5mm Slotted Bead! The body of the fly is made up of Spawn Simi Seal which we designed just for Puget Sound and Creamsicle...
  3. Saltwater
    I've been a member here for a few years and posted a few times, but nothing with any regularity. I thought that I should start sharing more and participating in the community that has been helpful in getting me out and fishing. So a little about myself by way of an intro and report from...
  4. Saltwater
    Hi all. This is my first post - I recently joined, but I have been lurking for 5 years or so. I live in NJ, but get out to the Seattle area about once every year or so, and usually read this forum for the couple of months in advance of a trip. I started to devote one day of each trip to fish...
  5. Classifieds
    21" Searun cutthroat fiberglass fish replica featured within a saltwater beach scene. This is a museum quality interpretive wall mount feature that was created, hand-painted as well as air brushed by a local artist. The fish is a trophy size Pacific NW Searun cutthroat and represents a 6 pound...
  6. Saltwater
    Went out in perfect conditions Monday, top half of an outgoing tide with little wind which has been good for me recently, but the fish were having nothing to do with my fly. Was fishing with no signs for half an hour then a beast jumped a good 3 feet out of the water 5 yards in front of me. I...
  7. General Forum
    Fly Fishing the Salt for Searun Cutthroat Trout Article by Greg Tims Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout in Puget Sound are all wild fish. In 1998 the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission gave Sea-Run Cutts catch-and-release protection in all Washington marine waters. If you fish for them, please use...
  8. General Forum
    I have been fishing and developing top water sand lance patterns for over ten years and have finally "dialed in" on how to consistently have excellent success catching sea-run cutthroat particularly large ones(+16-17") with top water sand lance patterns. I am 73 years old and would like to pass...
  9. SRC

    just hangin out doodling
  10. SRC Flie?

    Would this work? silver braid with badger hackle wings
  11. Amphipod eating SRC

    A south sound cutthroat caught on an amphipod pattern on 12/17/2007
  12. Small water Cutt

    A good distraction while looking for steel. Any idea what happened to it's tail?
  13. Sol Duc SRC

    Nice SRC caught on the Sol Duc 9/07
  14. North Hood Canal cuttie

    The water was so clear, I was able to sight fish for cutties, they were holding on the seam of a fast moving channel with a lot of current. It felt like I was fishing streamers in a river.
  15. Sauk River SRC

    My first time on the Sauk
  16. SRC Avatar

    5-31 at Anderson Pt. SRC about 13". Caught it on a Green Demond (Rockfish's fly).
  17. SRC Anderson Pt

    Caught this on 5-31 using Anil's tube fly.
1-20 of 35 Results