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  1. General Forum
    Last minute... Meet in E-burg around lunchtime. Figure out a float, and get after it. Camping tonight, welcome to join us.
  2. General Forum
    Finishing up a project drift boat soon and need to make a decision about the rowers seat. Would love to hear some feedback on both types. Some pertinent details, I had a major back surgery 20 years ago so it is important for me to have my knees level with my waist or below for all day...
  3. Watercraft
    I'm in the process of outfitting an older PAC1400 (before the more modular nrs frame). I've done a lot of research on putting in flip seats and I'm seeing that having a non low pro/non adjustable frame is going to make the process of putting in a traditional flip seat very expensive and custom...
  4. General Forum
    I have a Stealth Pro and love it. However the seat back could be better. Watermaster sells a hardback seat accessory that might work as an alternative. Anyone try this or something else. My lower back hurts after hours fishing! Thanks.
  5. General Forum
    I plan to float tomorrow and would be happy to share space in my raft. I'll be coming from the Seattle area, and leaving from Eastgate about 7:00. PM me if interested.
  6. Saltwater
    I'll be launching my 16' wood dory (2 seats, oars and 2 HP Honda) at Quilcene in the morning, anyone interested in joining me? Need to be back in Port Townsend by noon.
  7. Anadromous
    Hey is anyone fishing the Sky Saturday and have an open seat I may tag along? Seems nobody is available this weekend which is nuts. Hell, anybody anywhere.
  8. General Forum
    Have them? FYI, Costco.com has CoverKing neoprene for $349 shipped, both rows, front & back. No Camo, which is all right by me, the CEO wouldn't go for the look. Just wanted something that would save the interior and be waterproof. If you go to the site, it says through 4/30/2017 but I got the...
  9. Classifieds
    Looking for some 9ft oars. I have three 8.5ft Sawyer Polecats that I'd trade if you were looking for them, but I'm game to pay cash. Really interested in some Sawyer Squaretops or similar. Also looking for an oarsman's seat, preferably low-back. AJ
  10. General Forum
    Looking for 1 .. share trip . expenses, guide, , possible halibut(ocean) trip .. run peaking next 2 weeks. flexible dates not set yet.
  11. General Forum
    I've never owned a rod with a wooden reel seat insert and don't know anyone who has, or does, own one. I often fish from a kayak, and wondered, if you're prone to accidentally dunking the butt of a rod when fiddling around at the tip, is wood durable?
  12. Gear/Technique
    2 questions for you. Were the reel seats used in the factory built freshwater models of the Z Axis made by Struble? and now that they are gone what do custom rod builders use in their place on trout rods? Thanks
  13. General Forum
    I have two growlers of beer lots of flies and knowledge. Heading out on the early side to fish one of these two lakes. PM me if you are interested in joining me.
  14. Saltwater
    Not Fly Fishing Related: Light wind Thursday. Fishing downriggers if someone wants to join me. Areas 9 and possibly 6. Heading out of Everett but could pick a person up on the West side of Puget Sound IF it's a convenient location (Pt No Point, Hansville, Glendale, etc) May have to call it...
  15. Classifieds
    Looking to get for a spey reel seat with wood insert for hardy long foot reel .
  16. General Forum
    I'm thinking of floating Ringer to Red's tomorrow if I can find some company. PM if interested.
  17. Saltwater
    Hey, I am heading out to the sound sat or Sunday morning. I have an open seat on my boat. This will be the first time chasing src''s from a boat, so anyone that has experience I would love to learn and have the company. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks,
  18. Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels
    My son will be graduating from college end of April and I've been thinking about a special graduation gift. He somehow got bit by the fly fishing bug, and thinks bamboo rods are great to cast too. Thankfully, my wife easily gave in when I told her I wanted to build a rod for his present. So...
  19. General Forum
    Another forum member, SUSteelie, and I are floating the Cowlitz tomorrow (10/22) in my 14 foot raft. We're planning on swinging Blue Creek for an hour or two before floating down to Mission Bar. Anyone is welcome to come! Shoot me a PM if you're interested. We will be nymphing and swinging.
  20. General Forum
    First post, so I apologize if this should have been posted in a different sub-forum. I recently acquired a custom build of an older Sage blank. It's got an uplocking reel seat with a cork insert. I'm not 100% sure what material the reel seat is made from, but it looks like aluminum to my eye...
1-20 of 28 Results