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  1. General Forum
    On Sunday I was tired of the wind, weather, and high water keeping me off of the local river some 35 miles away. I stuck some rods in the car, checked some regs, and travelled only four miles instead. It was too windy for a fly rod, so I started poking around a tiny creek I have never heard a...
  2. Classifieds
    LTS Explosive Blue Light 6126-4 12'6" 6/7wt Scandi secret weapon. (LOOP Team Syrstad, google it, these are awesome rods!) Condition is MINT with original tube/sock with one exception: On the tip-top ferrule, there is some wear/glue from taping, however structure is perfectly intact. Retails in...
  3. General Forum
    @Swimmy Are you doing another Secret Santa this Year? I'd like to sign up if you do.
  4. Lakes
    Had some fun last Wedn afternoon. Seduced one of these about every 12 minutes, with some help from the red-lipped Cookie Girl. About half of 'em were "2-pounders."
  5. General Forum
    The lake has dropped to the 60ish temps. Fish activity is picking up. I managed a dozen in 6-7 hours on the water over the weekend. A frosty beverage has been placed by the first photo for scale.
  6. My local bass pond

    It holds some nice bass in it. I have caught a 4 pounder out of it. but it seems that most of the fish are stunted like someone did there own stocking not knowing on how many fish should be in the little lake, but We have hooked some big ones!
1-6 of 6 Results