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  1. Saltwater
    Here is a question for you salty dogs. I was down at Woodard Bay in Henderson Inlet checking the log-booms for harbor seals. To my surprise there was an otter sunning itself. I've been beach fishing regularly for the last several years and not seen an otter in the salt, though I have seen a lot...
  2. General Forum
    I get a lot of fly fishing based ads during my travels on youtube. I'm sure we all do. It consumes a lot of us. I am always excited to see women fly fishing, and even more so to see a woman cast a spey. I don't know of anyone who has the attitude that they don't belong. When I saw this ad my...
  3. General Forum
    I crossed some bridges yesterday on my way to a Mason County lake. It was high tide, so the conditions of the tidal creeks and lower Chehalis River were indiscernible. It was sunny and hot, and there were a bunch of trollers on the Chehalis. I could see their bored facial expresions at 40mph...
  4. General Forum
    I might be late to the party, but is anyone else seeing this for the first time?
  5. General Forum
    I posted the "prettiest trout you have seen in awhile?" thread..then I ran across this on that famous auction site.... The description is of "a large beautiful trout" I wonder what the lister's kids look like? Is that mean? It is still up for those who can stomach to look at it : \
1-6 of 6 Results