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  1. Trip Reports
    this report is long overdue, and unfortunately I don't have details fresh in mind to give a detailed report, so mostly pictures. Fishing was slow, weather took a turn as we got into town and got uglier over the few days we were there. Doesn't matter though, time spent with pops is good, and we...
  2. General Forum
    I'll be in the Kalispell area for a couple of days in late September. I'm looking for advice about what river I should consider for trout. I'm leaning towards the Middle Fork of the Flathead but I'm not sure how far upstream one needs to go to find good water for walking/wading (above Nyack...
  3. General Forum
    My wife has a week long training course the last week of September in Seattle. Right now all we know is it's in the metro area somewhere. And I'm tagging along looking to do some fishing. We are flying from south Georgia so I need a little advice on what gear to bring since I can't bring it...
  4. General Forum
    Hi all, A friend of mine is driving back from AK to Idaho and asked me to join him for a stretch on the Cassiar Highway. I elected to fly into Terrace and fly out of Kamloops. We'll spend a week on this stretch. I know its a lifetime of water, but I have a week and I am grateful for that...
  5. General Forum
    I was thinking of a trip out to the Forks on the bike because it doesnt rain as much or so I heard. Are the cutties in the rivers yet or are the rivers too low and temps too warm for them?
1-7 of 7 Results