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    Reel works great, looks fair 40.00
  2. Classifieds
    Hi folks, a few items that just aren't getting used much, more photos on request. paypal or money orders work. Thanks for looking ! Mark Orvis Superfine glass, in new condition with one small cosmetic blem on the blank ? Fished once, I liked it better with a 7wt line for streamers but cast a 6...
  3. Trip Reports
    Fished 7/28/17 with my 14yo son. Nice little creek. Anything more than a 3wt is overkill. FF/CnR only, between the confluence with Wanlick creek, upriver to SF Nooksack Bridge (about 5 river miles) One section requires 4x4 due to the steepness, but the rest is your basic un-maintained...
  4. General Forum
    Was up fishing with my two girls on the SF and was playing around with the gopro. I always find it sorta mesmerizing watching fish underwater. It works best if you have it on 1080p and on a big screen (these fish are small!).
  5. General Forum
    For a number of years, I have caught Brook Trout in the SF Snoqualmie. I have found them in particular stretches of the stream, consistently. My conclusion is that in certain sections, they have established spawning populations. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon/evening fishing up there, and...
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    here are the gaps....can probably afford to fill one right now so hopefully I can do so here....sold my ross switch rod and a hardy reel...new toys are better when better half approved, and since a rod left the house (very demonstrably i might add)...i can buy without fear of wrath...(for those...
1-9 of 9 Results