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  1. General Forum
    See what I did there!! All jokes aside. I have never been around rivers the size of the Columbia and lower snake. And all of a sudden I'm seeing these 15-20" fish swimming around. I asked around and come to find out, they are Shad. And I know barely anything about them. Has anybody ever...
  2. General Forum
    Fly Fishing for American Shad on the Columbia River Article by Steve Buckner - The Northwest Fly Fisherman If you're looking to hook into a number of hard fighting fish, it is hard to beat fly fishing for American Shad. On the West coast, the American Shad, Alosa sapidissima is usually referred...
  3. Finally some shad for me in 2006

    Just one of the 4.5 million shad over The Dalles Dam this year. I thought I'd missed them all, but finally the flows came down, the water cleared up late in June, and the eddy line I found below the Dalles Bridge started working normally. The bite was red. I caught a total of four this year. Pret
  4. shad

    Who says shad don't go up small spring creeks!?
1-5 of 5 Results