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  1. General Forum
    If someone were interested in doing a spring float of Winchester wasteway from Dodson rd down to the takeout 2.5 mi above potholes, what would you recommend for a shuttle service. Admittedly I am a little anxious about leaving my car over there, given the reports of smash and grab theft, but...
  2. General Forum
    How do you set up a 2 car shuttle when you have 2 people, and does it change if you have 3? I'm always questioning if you should drop the boat and then go drop off the trailer at the put out and drive shuttle back to boat and fish, or leave shuttle at take out, then go up, drop boat and fish...
  3. Anadromous
    Anybody know of someone who runs a shuttle service on the hoh river?
  4. General Forum
    I just bought a car with fob that controls entry and ignition. How the hell do I manage shuttling? Obviously I can't leave the fob in or near the car or the doors will unlock automatically when someone grabs the door handle. Do I just need two fobs or is there another way to handle this?
  5. General Forum
    Floating from big Eddy to sultan today. Does anyone do shuttles?
  6. General Forum
    Does anybody know of or have any good recommendations for upper Yak shuttle services that are currently open. I know reds only offers shuttle services in the canyon and since the flows are so hight that isnt really an option.....
  7. General Forum
    Are going up. Now $35 for a turn from Glen to Notch... was $30 last year. Seems like it was not that long ago it was "leave $20in the visor". So what is driving the steep curve in price? Fuel price has been flat and even insurance (assuming there is any?) has not increased 14%.
  8. General Forum
    With a tagline of "Because Rivers Don't Flow In A Circle" we launch ShuttleSnap on the Yakima River! The brainchild of Brett Seng, of Bozeman, MT, ShuttleSnap is a free "app" that simplifies the scheduling of the river shuttle. Users create an account, select their location, pay with a...
1-8 of 8 Results