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  1. General Forum
    FYI I thought I'd pass this along, I know it's more of a gear thing but pisses me off that we are loosing another summer trout fishery as well as the right to fish for our hatchery fish. I personally won't go there during salmon season but I do enjoy fishing there for trout in the summer. If I...
  2. General Forum
    Ok lawyer fly fishers, what is the legality. Don't get me wrong the Skoke can be crazy but it is a beautiful river and needs to be cleaned up and respected. Saying it is all tribal land now seems like a power play. I found this at http://www.msaj.com/papers/TribalRights.htm It seems they lost...
  3. Skokomish

    The Skok, Sept. 2006
1-3 of 3 Results