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  1. General Forum
    Heading to Sky country. Planning to hit skinny water (Foss, Beckler, Tye) with EHC and Hare’s Ears. Any updates or useful tidbits for this trip?
  2. General Forum
    Been fishing the river for a few years, picked up spey, love it, but hard to find non-private access to water without crossing tracks or engaging in combat fishing. Looking to go on a guided trip, or find someone to go spey fishing with for steelhead/coho/chinook this next season. Any thoughts...
  3. General Forum
    FYI there is a sweeper river left below flat rock thats below Elwel creek on the shallow bar. Pleanty of room on the right at these flows but if it gets low one might have to drag a boat, the next high water should take care of it.
  4. General Forum
    Floated sultan to Ben Howard and had to carefully walk the clack through a pretty dicey log Jam above Two Bit..... when the channel splits walk your boat down to the left, very easy takes 2 minutes. Not only does the little channel spit you straight at the logs, but there is a nasty little...
  5. General Forum
    I don't hear much chatter about fishing the Skykomish River on this forum as I do other rivers in the area (Cedar/Snoqualmie). Am I just looking at the wrong forum? Does this river fish well during the late summer/fall?
  6. General Forum
    Anyone have an open seat? I have the majority of the day to fish this Saturday and was planning on either walking in or taking my 1 man pontoon out but if someone has an open seat and wants someone to tag along let me know.
  7. General Forum
    I'll be putting the boat on bright and early tomorrow morning and am looking to fill the front seat with someone who wants to help shuttle and fly fish for steelhead. I wouldn't at all mind rowing an indicator or float rod through some of the in between water, I have some spots in mind that look...
  8. General Forum
    WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 http://wdfw.wa.gov December 29, 2016 Skykomish near Reiter Ponds and Wallace River to close to fishing Action: Close part of Wallace and Skykomish rivers to fishing. Effective...
  9. Classifieds
    I have a Scadden Skykomish Sunrise pontoon that I'm just not using. I'm the second owner, and the raft has seen pretty minimal use. It's a few years old but in great shape. The pontoons have the bladders, and I can't find any issues with them. They have been partially inflated in my garage...
  10. General Forum
    Firstly, isn't my wife nice for booking me a cabin on the Skykomish this weekend? I mean, what a sweetheart, honestly. She booked it at Christmas time last year, so how should she have known that what she thought was going to be a nice fishing trip for me would be messed up by the salmon...
  11. Anadromous
    Floated the Skykomish River yesterday for the first time from High Bridge to Sutton with no luck. With Swung small, darker Steelhead streamer patterns and as we floated we also nymphed with an egg setup. While nymphing, we used a 10ft leader but there looked to be a lot of water that was a lot...
  12. General Forum
    Hey everyone, I've been living on the East Coast for a while, but I'm eagerly anticipating a trip home to PNW paradise. Is it true that the Sky system is closed to all fishing?! Thanks
  13. Anadromous
    Hello, My name is Marcus and I am from BC. I want to come down and do some catch and release summer steelhead fishing but the regulations have me confused. I just want to get some clarifications on this from some of the locals! Also any tips on the river would be great :) Thanks Marcus
  14. North Fork Skykomish October

    Bigger sharpened version of earlier image.
  15. NF Skykomish October

    NF Skykomish October
  16. Skykomish Steelhead

    A beautiful Late Feb Nate brought in by Brian Paige.
  17. Sunday Spey Casting with Mike Kinney

    The Spey lineup Sunday AM at Ben Howard. Jeff is learning Spey basics with Mike Kinney.
  18. When its too hot to fish - Spey Cast (part 2!)

    Rob Zelk's pic made me laugh - here's our drift down the Sky on Monday. We floated Sultan to Ben Howard. Nice day, had a great time, but no fish.
  19. Tripp's Winter Steelie

    second to last day before the Sky closes. Nice work!
1-20 of 31 Results