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  1. General Forum
    I'm looking to pick up a short rod for tight quarters creek fishing. From what I've heard nothing under 7 foot and not over 7'6" is ideal. Anyone have a certain brand and model using this length and if you liked it or not. Thanks in advance
  2. Warm Water Species
    Fishing my goto crappie rig last week. 1/80 oz rootbeer micro jiglet on a #12 sickle jig hook. About 3-4ft under an indicator. Cast, let the rings settle, then 6''-12'' aggressive strips all the way back in. Pause for 5-10 sec between each strip. The stripped indicator causes commotion sort of...
  3. Watercraft
    What are everyone's thoughts on the best small boat for fly fishing up here in the PNW? Ideally, something that could cover lakes, the Puget Sound, and maybe some rivers? I'm considering all options at this point, but I'm leaning towards a 16'-18' Bay boat center console style vessel. I'd...
  4. Classifieds
    Last call: Dog Fish Boat, 8 foot, 1 year old, $750 : Sun Dolphin Sportsman, 8.5 foot, 4 months old, $325 :Livingston 7.5 foot, extremely nice, $300 : flat bed utility trailer, 1 year old, $280
  5. Camping, Hiking, Cooking
    We have all seen these things and most of us have probably used them. For me they are a necessity in that I need them for my mid sized Buddy heater, my Weber Go Anywhere gas grill and for the igniter burner on my Weber Performer charcoal grill. But they are becoming bloody expensive! They often...
  6. General Forum
    I am currently looking for a small water three weight set up. I've fished a Sage Circa in a 7'9" 4 weight and found it a little slow for my taste and would be frustrated when there was a decent amount of wind or when I needed to carry a dry dropper combo 35-45 feet. I loved it within 30 feet in...
  7. Classifieds
    Selling my sons Camo Rogue hoody, used by in very good condition. I think these jackets run big, I would say this actually would fit as a Medium but that is just my opinion. $55 shipped to you
  8. Saltwater
    Alright, it's almost winter and I'd like to discuss those damn resident coho and cutthroat when they are sipping small stuff on the surface. This can be one of the most maddening and extremely entertaining situations to encounter on the beach, and is one I've come across a couple times already...
  9. Fly Tying
    If I hadn't done it I wouldn't have believed I could actually tie a #22 fly. This image shows a bunch of BWO emergers sitting on a quarter. With a decent vise and a magnifier it's fairly simple. No 'ship in a bottle' obsessing, either. Of course, not living and fishing in Colorado, I draw the...
  10. Camping, Hiking, Cooking
    @Alex MacDonald thought you would appreciate this... Had some work to address in the neighborhood. New veggie knife and ceramic sharpener, spoon is always a gift. Super small and packed shop. Was treated very well even while the shop was busy. Crazy amount of stuff in there
  11. Classifieds
    Hi Folks - Looking for a pair of SIMMS waders, preferably new and G3 or Headwaters models. Size : Small or Medium Small. Please let me know what you have - thank you!
  12. General Forum
    At this point in the summer I have usually gotten my dry fly fix, especially since I cover a lot of eager cutthroat water. Additionally, I feel that a lot of the better fish have either been fooled by a dry by now or haven't been caught because they would prefer to risk their cover for a bigger...
  13. Saltwater
    Headed to kauai, going to try to tag a 12 lb bonefish. Mostly just going to throw crazy charlies with huge tungsten eyes, so what hook and size would you recommend? All I hear is that these things often bend out most standard hooks. Of course if you have other pattern recommendations I'm all ears.
  14. General Forum
    Anyone know of a good small back pack style of gear bag for around $20? Just needs to hold 2 watter bottles, sandwich, small fly box and some leader.
  15. Watercraft
    Hi All, I've never put a motor on any of my Toons, but looking to now for running upstream in shallow river - current maybe class 2 occasionally max but mostly just swift riffles. Looking at 2.5HP - 4HP. Any advice on what size would work best? Any other tips, tricks for mounting, or other words...
  16. Lakes
    I've been looking over the maps of Fidalgo Island and there seems to be several small bodies of water that have my attention. Big Beaver pond, Mitten pond and a few that show up on the maps without a name. I've found tons of info on the well known fishing lakes but info on smaller bodies of...
  17. Classifieds
    I really really want to like sling packs but they just slip off my shoulder. Maybe it's because i'm shorter... Does anyone have anything they want to trade? I'd be down for a hip pack or a sweet chest pack like the willy j's confluence. Show me what you got and let's make a face to face...
  18. Entomology
    Hey, Roger. Any idea what these little critters are? There were a ton of them swimming in a small pool in granite at about 6,000 feet in the sierras.
1-20 of 40 Results