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  1. General Forum
    Hi. I'm looking for some advice on sink tip fly lines - Primary use is chasing smallmouth bass and sometimes trout. I currently use the Rio Smallmouth line (floating) and the Airflo Streamer Max Long. Some of the waterways I fish aren't super wide and I'm wondering if a different sink tip line...
  2. Classifieds
    I had this posted before as a complete setup but have sold the reel individually. So now rod without reel. Sage Bass II Smallmouth Rod in case with original owners name and number sharpied on the outside (I believe I am the second owner). Zipper of case and inside sleeves are in perfect...
  3. Classifieds
    Thinning the herd, selling this excellent shape GLoomis 8/9 weight rod. It is awesome with the new heavy 8weight lines like RIO Outbound short, Quickshooter, and RIO Grand all in 8weight. It has a moderate fast action with a strong butt but soft tip for relaxed casting (GL3 material is really...
  4. Classifieds
    I'm looking for a used streamer line for my 7 weight to toss streamers to smallmouth bass. New ones go for over $80, and I just don't want to invest that much in something I'll use once or twice a year. It'll go on a 10' Winston Ibis. Thanks.
  5. Warm Water Species
    Sunday I got out to what has become one of my favorite creeks here in NC. I haven't seen many, but this one is one of those places you like to keep to yourself. It used to be used as a local WW kayak stream, but loss of access effectively put the stop on that. There is only one cabin that I have...
  6. Trip Reports
    Went on a family camping trip to Lake Billy Chinook (central Oregon) last weekend. I was shore bound and mostly trying to keep up with my two kids, but I did target smallmouth a few times in both the Deschutes and Crooked River arms. I never got anything of size (most 9-11") but fish were...
  7. Lakes
    Next weekend, I have a hall pass to head east. Would you target small mouth or hit some regular locations in the basin for trout? I am really looking forward to the targeting smallies, but this year the water has seemed to warm up late. Patience grasshopper!! My original plan was to head to...
  8. Warm Water Species
    Recently did a trip with a friend to an area I have been looking on google earth at over the last year. Unfortunately, the fishing was tough and our confidence dwindled as the day went on. Luckily, my friend who had never fished for bass locked in on a little nerf ball. He was impressed at...
  9. Classifieds
    $425 shipped Brand New Factory Sage Bass II Smallmouth Rod with Blank Warranty. Includes Rod, Case, & Line - All unused - Items were removed from case only to inspect, check ferrule fit, and take pics. Rod has not been casted & line has not been removed from spool. Non Smoking Home.
  10. General Forum
    I love smallies, and fish most of the places where's they're found in any numbers in CA. I would like to try water where there are more of them, and larger. I've caught two around 5 lbs, but that's not common here. I've seen some promo on huge smallies in Ontario, don't know anything about it...
  11. Conservation
    A buddy of mine is doing research on fall chinook in the Snake River basin. During the out migration, they estimate that the predation on smolts is in the neighborhood of 10,000 smolts per mile due to smallmouth bass. And that's just in the free flowing section above Asotin. And then they...
  12. Classifieds
    Like new RIO Smallmouth Bass WF8F fly line. 9/10. Welded loops are in perfect condition, barely used. $40 shipped, lower 48. Please feel free to PM with any questions or interest. Thank you.
  13. Classifieds
    Used Sage Bass II Smallmouth fly rod and Sage 3880Cf Reel spooled with Rio 290gr fly line. Everything is in excellent condition. Not even a scratch on the reel. $500.00 includes shipping to lower 48 and insurance.
  14. General Forum
    Well, I haven't been on WFF for a while. I've been everywhere from Bend, OR, to Chico, CA, and I'm moving back to Ashland next week. I hooked a ton of gorgeous trout over the summer. I'm going to start posting more as well. Find me on Instagram @t_flyfisher.or Tight Lines
  15. Warm Water Species
    So one of my co-workers is into bass tournaments. Every other weekend he's hauling his bass boat off to one somewhere. There's one coming up on the Willamette River for smallmouth bass with the limitation of top water only lures. Normally he doesn't flyfish in bass tournaments due to the...
  16. Warm Water Species
    So I have been perfectly content lately fishing my local warm water streams for sunfish and LMB with the occasional trip to the mountains for wild trout (no stockers for me please, I have standards). However yesterday it was too hot in the piedmont for being human and too hot for trout in any...
  17. Trip Reports
    Never having caught a smallmouth bass, and dealing with bladder cancer, I figured it was time to check that off my lifelist. I found a what turned out to be a very nice quaint B&B in historic downtown Harper's Ferry. It also happened that the B&B owner also owns the local fly shop, and has a...
  18. Warm Water Species
    Last Friday Chad Lewis was in town and we took a few hours to float the lower Yakima looking for smallies. As we were getting ready to put in a drift boat arrived to take out. It was a guide boat from Reds, or at least I assume it was, since it was the guy who does all their fishing video...
  19. Fooled by the old white rabbit trick

    Smallmouth fooled by the old white rabbit strip.
  20. Smallmouth on a yellow Sneaky Pete

    I remember this crazy fish. On a small mid-Columbia pond in June. A bluegill first picked up this Sneaky Pete, but this smallie wanted it bad and chased the bluegill around until the bluegill managed to spit the hook. The smallmouth pounced on the popper before it surfaced, and it was fish on!
1-20 of 25 Results