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  1. General Forum
    There are lots of threads popping up with questions about smokers, recipes etc. Because of this I decided to do a photo journal of a batch that I just did yesterday. I started off with some back ribs. I cleaned them up a bit by trimming any extra fat down to 1/8" or less, and checked that...
  2. General Forum
    Been filling the freezer with Brown trout in hopes of smoking some fish in the next couple of weeks... Was thinking I could smoke them like I do salmon or steelhead but figured I'd check in with those who have perhaps been smoking trout for years. So what you got? I'll share a trout...
  3. Classifieds
    We're moving & its gotta go... Smaller size (18" I believe) Weber Smoky Mountain Smoker Works great for smoking ribs, chicken, pork shoulder, etc. $100.00 cash & you pick up in Kenmore, WA text me at 425-698-0116 if interested Thx, Harley
1-3 of 3 Results