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  1. Conservation
    First off I know the tolt is closed to all steel fishing above the forks and salmon fishing in general. Im reading old reports from Bill McMillian and I am curious if anybody has any reports on the current status of steelhead in these forks? I want to snorkel the SF but know access if fairly...
  2. General Forum
    Does anyone know if there is a winter Steelhead fishery on the Snoqualmie this year?
  3. General Forum
    Has anyone drifted the Snoqualmie from Fall City to the end of Neal Road recently? I'm thinking about drifting it in my pontoon but wonder if there are any serious would make sections impassable. Denisr
  4. General Forum
    Hello all, I was fishing the south fork of the snoqualmie today and I was farther up the river in the mountains. I always walk up the river in the water . I guy stopped me and said I was trespassing while I was in the middle of the river! Can this be true!?! I have never had any issues with...
  5. General Forum
    Snuck out the the Middle Fork Snoqualmie today for a couple hours fishing. Slow fishing but a Mountain Lion ran across the road right in front of my car just past the Oxbow trail as I was driving home at about 6pm. Much bigger than I expected. Has anyone else seen a mountain lion in the...
  6. General Forum
    For a number of years, I have caught Brook Trout in the SF Snoqualmie. I have found them in particular stretches of the stream, consistently. My conclusion is that in certain sections, they have established spawning populations. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon/evening fishing up there, and...
  7. General Forum
    I have been thinking about checking out the North fork of the Snoqualmie . I usually hit up the south fork but thought I would try something different. I see that the land around the river is almost all timber company land. Is there any place I can park and Hike in Etc... Im not looking for...
  8. General Forum
    Anyone been out to the south fork of the Snoqualmie this spring? With all this awesome weather just curious how the water has been??
  9. General Forum
    Went out to snoquamie middle fork for some remote teaching of a gear convert yesterday. The river was clean, no trash or litter anywhere. Big thanks to those that helped clean it up. started above the trailhead with little success although it is very early in the season still. Lower down I had...
  10. General Forum
    Wondering if anyone wants to head over on Sunday and throw some line. I know the fishing is slow there this time of year, but I need to get out. Looking for a buddy, especially given water temps and such. I'm happy to drive if you live in the Seattle area, otherwise can meet you there at a...
  11. General Forum
    The pass still not open yet has been closed since 2am yesterday morning.
  12. General Forum
    Any point in trying to fish it during the winter, or more specifically, this Sunday? I've heard that it slows down in the winter, but also figure that it beats sitting at home, especially now that the NFL doesn't start until afternoon on Sunday.
  13. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Flambeau branded fly box with some flies in it found near the Twin Falls trailhead (exit 34) on the South Fork of the Snoqualmie. If it's yours, PM me the color of the box and maybe some of the flies in it, and then we can arrange getting it back to you.
  14. General Forum
    Hey guys I was looking for a day trip near the seattle area for trout fishing this weekend and didnt know if the Snoqualmie river Is fishable. I know in the summer it was but didn't know with the rain etc what to expect. If not does anyone have suggestions for where to fish for trout for a day...
  15. General Forum
    Just got home from what should be my last business trip of the summer and need to do some fishing. I was talking with a colleague of mine in the airport lounge about taking all next week off and fishing everyday and he asked if he could come along one day to check things out. Wasn't exactly...
  16. General Forum
    Headed over the Pass on Sunday for a day of fishing or floating the Yakima or other system in Central/Eastern WA this Sunday? I-90 east of Snoqualmie Pass to close temporarily Sunday morning for tree removal The Washington State Department of Transportation will close Interstate 90 at 5:30...
  17. 16_1473

    Snoqualmie Summerrun
1-20 of 43 Results